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In the process of discussing our alleged nihilistic and meaningless existence with a couple of militant non believers, the idea that the human body was a poorly designed biological mass of lumps and goo, lacking both beauty and functionality, came about. Apparently not only did our very existence spring forth from nothingness, the human body is not even a happy accident, but rather a somewhat ugly malfunction of evolution.

Also, some of these people are apparently quite blind.

The most pompous of the Naked Nihilistic Apes always demands an answer to his endless questions designed to cast God, whom he does not even believe in, in a negative light. That alone is irrational because one simply cannot try to disparage the character of a God one does not even believe in. That is a paradox and logical fallacy that would elude even the most deranged female brain.

Naturally I fell down my own rabbit hole and got trapped there and I was compelled to ask myself, “Wait, why am I trying to explain the nature of God to a random clump of biological goo that has no form, function, or purpose?” Is that not somewhat foolish?  A bit like spending one’s time trying to explain the nature of artificial intelligence to a table lamp? I mean, I suppose there is no harm in doing exactly that, the lamp is certainly not going to care. Just the same, it isn’t exactly rational behavior or a good use of one’s time.

Not only that, this alleged poorly designed clump of cells believes it has no higher self, therefore rendering him nothing more than a random evolutionary descendant of some missing link of apes, and a rather unhappy accident at that, with multiple design flaws.

Which than begs the question, how can a random clump of meaningless biological goo with so many apparent design flaws, even believe itself capable and worthy to judge its own design and find it so lacking? If you are so physically flawed, why would you assume you are not also mentally flawed and incapable of reason?

Worse yet, if one is simply nothing but an extremely flawed and defective bit of biological goo, how can one possibly perceive themselves as qualified to sit in judgement of God Himself and His design capabilities? I mean compared to whom?? Batman? Alien lizard overlords? The truth of the matter is that there is no other Creator or creation to measure against the one we live within. One cannot logically make a comparison judgment without something to measure it against.

So John Zande, I did not answer your question because I have been unable to reconcile the fact that I am actually conversing with a defective lump of biological goo, having no form, function, or purpose. To make matters even more confusing, said biological unit exhibits questionable sentience and appears to be engaging in several logical fallacies.

I am unable to determine if you are simply a figment of your own imagination or a table lamp, John Zande.

CS Lewis said is best when he stated, If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning.