Well done, good and faithful servant!


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A goodbye toast to Susan Irene Fox, a Christian sister and a blogger friend to so many. She was a rare treasure and will be sorely missed. Her passing was a surprise to many of us.

Susan and I may have been on opposite ends of many things, from politics to culture, but we always found unity at the foot of the cross and in our love for Jesus Christ. Somewhere around this place and hers, our gentle conversations are preserved, our love for our Father evident.  I say we “may” have been on opposite ends of all the background noise, because what was so clear, what was so predominant, was that we both shared His agenda, His narrative, His desire for His church. Sisters, with an awesome Father.

Her last post is called Recovery from Hate.

Susan had a heart for His church, a dream for something bigger and better than “religion,” and a commitment to healing, reconciliation, and unity. She helped me to trust in that dream, to trust in the Father’s love, to trust that unity really is to be found at the foot of the cross.

My prayer is that we will carry that dream forward in memory of her and one day we’ll all meet again to share stories at the coffee fountain in the courtyard where the streets are paved with gold.

I want to be sad, to grieve, and yet my heart is singing for a good and faithful servant who is now at peace, where there are no more tears, no more suffering, cradled in the arms of the Father she loved so much.

A toast, Susan. Well done, good and faithful one.