“Who’s Delusional?”


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Mel has a great post up called “Who’s Delusional?” speaking of God, atheism, and some logic. Click to read the whole thing, it’s very good. Good video, too.

I’m just going to focus on one sentence that I found quite delightful and then proceed to personalize the whole issue into one, big, solipsistic mess.  J/K.

Said sentence was, “Thus, if God does exist, atheism can be seen as a psychological escape mechanism to avoid taking ultimate responsibility for one’s own life.”

Amen to that!

I first encountered God when I was 3 years old, wearing a pink checked dress with rick rack on it, picking on a scab on my leg and sitting in the sun by a compost pile. That was near 50 years ago and that experience is still more real to me than this morning was.

Unfortunately my parents were atheists and driving the crazy  train to boot, so there was a lot of emotional, psychological, spiritual, abuse. As a kid when I tried to share my excitement about those experiences, I just heard all about my imaginary friend, my invisible Sky Daddy, my alleged weak mental state and inability to face the “truth.” I quickly learned not to speak of anything spiritual or religious at all.

My parents did not take responsibility for me, let alone their own selves, so I quickly became a real caretaker, trying desperately to save both my parents…..from their own selves. My father, bless his heart, passed away a few years ago, but not until he came back to faith, had a home, and we had a restored relationship for many years. That was a real gift. My mama blew through everything she ever had and lives with us now, not yet able to come to faith.

My parents and siblings started this pattern, this script, where I was forever trying to rescue people who had gotten themselves into a pickle caused pretty much by their own non belief, by their own atheism. The evidence of  atheism being an, “escape mechanism to avoid taking ultimate responsibility for one’s own life,” has been manifesting all around me for many years.

I’m no longer a caretaker for others and their often self-inflicted injuries, but I still grieve, I still feel that pull that just wants to point people to the Father, that wants to share the wisdom of scripture, and often can’t because it just makes people angry or it falls on deaf and resistant ears. I still suffer because of other people’s poor choices.

It is painful to want to love people who will not receive it. I think God knows that much better than I do.

Following Jesus Christ doesn’t always make your life easy,  but not following Him can really hurt the people around you. It isn’t all about you, the choices we make or fail to make, can have a profound impact on other people, too.