Smoke On the Water


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Smoke on the water, fire in the sky.

Since the 9th circuit of hell is now on fire and literally smells like sulfur and brimstone, I thought this might be a good time to flip a 180 and repent! We shall henceforth stop calling this area the “9th circuit of hell” and start calling it the 9th circuit of refreshment, renewal, and revival. The 3 R’s.

I’ve completely lost track of time. It’s not my fault, we’re now in day 189 of “only 15 days to flatten the curve,” so time has become somewhat fluid and surreal. I’ve been breathing in heavy smoke for weeks, weeks I tell ya.

Who had “wet smoke” on their 2020 bingo card? Chillax y’all, it’s just a wet smoke. No seriously, a little rain and fog mixed in is helpful because than you aren’t quite sure if you’re now drowning or just suffocating as usual.

All dramatics aside, we are all doing surprisingly well. That’s quite a miracle considering I live with people who have some major lung diseases. My mother is so used to shallow breathing, she doesn’t even know it’s smoky out. Hubby is actually on a machine and oxygen at night, so he has a good eight hour break from it and is fit as a fiddle.

I’m the healthy one with no inhalers, no oxygen, and getting a bit irritated with the whole mess at this point. It is just downright toxic and I can feel it everywhere in my body. I can’t really exercise, I can’t work outside, and I’ve got that slight nagging headache, itchy eyes, and scratchy throat. I feel a bit sluggish, like a salmon that’s been in the smoker for half an hour. I’m not quite done yet, but I’m already starting to feel well preserved.

Relief is coming! I prayed for rain and it actually rained right on me! I love that kind of confirmation. Not enough of a rain to put the fires out, but enough to feel the presence of the Lord in my prayers. I did the same today, asked for a good wind to blow it all away, and a gust came up, and the flag started waving, and it was so cool and refreshing. He inhabits the praises of His people, for real.

God is totally winking at me, assuring me of His presence, assuring me that I actually live in the 9th circuit of refreshment, renewal, and revival. I’m claiming that. It’s a-coming.

We have a front coming in, some wind and rain on it’s way. In theory this weekend should blow the rest of the smoke away and by Monday we should have an all clear. It’s pure speculation at this point, but that’s the general idea. Relief by Sunday, Monday, for my part of the state anyway.

Pray for everyone to the East.