Kirsten Gillibrand and the White Privilege Fiasco….


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I suppose I haven’t really jumped into the heat of the political fire lately, so here goes nothing. Recently Kirsten Gillibrand explained “white privilege” to a bunch of people in Youngstown, Ohio. For a bit of background, these are people who have been hit by horrendous unemployment and a staggering opioid epidemic.

So like, nobody has a job and people’s kids are dying all over the place. 

Naturally when these things happen you turn to your leadership for some answers. The question asked was, “Now this is an area that across all demographics has been depressed because of the loss of its industry and the opioid crisis. So what do you have to say to people in this area about so-called white privilege?”

Here is a link that contains the video tweet of her answer, a favorable link that even calls her response, “stellar.”

Wowsers. I don’t even know what to say. This is how you dismiss and demean people’s pain, this is how you send the message that their suffering is not important to us, that we are completely tone deaf, and that we don’t care.

This is actually how you create racial resentment. Basically she just implied, we care more about ending white privilege and alleviating systemic racism then we do about your suffering and your dead kids. You are nothing more than collateral damage in our efforts to equalize society and build a fantasy utopian vision. Needless to say, this is not how you win over hearts and minds, this is how you just create resentment, envy, and division.

In fact, what Gillibrand so clearly displayed is actually elitist privilege. The opioid epidemic means no more to her than her stupid example of, “kids smoking pot.” She apparently is not aware that more people have died in just one year from overdoses, then died during the entirety of the Vietnam war. Second, she tries to empathize as if complete economic collapse simply amounts to “not being able to provide for your kids,” like not being able to buy them the latest cell phone.  Actually for many it means being forced to live in your car and stand in line at the food bank. This isn’t, “I can’t buy them all the latest gadgets.” This is more like the total devastation of the family. And a system more than happy to then write you a script for anesthesia….

“White privilege” and “systemic racism” have become these sacred cows, these political weapons being wielded by extremely privileged and often, very pale faced, well off, white women. I am actually a latte colored American from the wrong side of the tracks, so this kind of propagandized, overblown racist hyperbole, tastes a whole lot like stale  popcorn to me.

As far as I’m concerned, Kirsten Gillibrand can just go back where she came from, which happens to be upstate, upscale New York. I’ve got more in common with the addicts and unemployed people of all races living on our streets, than I do with this bubble headed blond lawyer who wouldn’t know the first thing about “privilege” if she was marinating in it. Which she clearly is.

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