Boiled Bean Water?


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This being a biology blog and all, I just thought we should have some fun. For those who don’t know, I am a total coffee snob, as in there is royal blood flowing through my veins and life is too short to be sucking down the dregs from a gas station mini mart. So naturally I enjoy fresh ground beans, whole organic milk, and a full teaspoon of honey. It is just the nectar of royalty, I tell ya. Ambrosia. Also, I need to be infused approximately every 3.5 hours.

It all begins to fall apart when you consider what this delicious drink is all about. Coffee beans are absolutely hideous things, hard, green, and bitter. We burn them to a crisp just to get some flavor out of them. So coffee itself is actually the result of pouring boiling water over burnt beans and making “juice.” Boiled bean water.

Honey is not actually “bee vomit” as some would suggest, but it is certainly close enough. Bees have a special honey stomach so it never enters their central digestive system, but they do voluntarily regurgitate it. Sigh. It is basically just bee vomit.

Milk of course is an excretion from a cow’s udder intended for baby cows. It tends to have a high fat content which we love but of course we never call it that. We just call it “cream.”

Burnt boiled bean water flavored with fatty cow excretions and bee vomit. How lovely.

I prefer to live in a slightly more romantic world, just a tad less “real,” a wee bit more imaginary, as well I should! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being keenly aware of the unvarnished truth, in fact sometimes knowing the unvarnished truth will set you free. Sometimes we refuse to look at things we fear and we just make them ten times bigger and badder than they are. It’s kind of like how you have a tiny little dust bunny under your bed and not a big scary monster, but you will never know that truth if you don’t bravely take a quick peek.

I prefer to live in a slightly more romantic world, as well I should, because it is God who gave us the coffee beans and the bee vomit and while these are indeed miraculous gifts, what we do with them is like our little gift back to Him. He gives us the supplies, and the freedom to make of them what you will.

Our work on this planet is collaborative with the work and the will of the Father. “Collaborative” means collective, combined, cooperative, shared, and symbiotic. Chuckling, but I know this on account of the fact that the words I hear from the Holy Spirit the most often are, “work with me.” It’s an ever so gentle reminder that He is here and He is at work, and the more we can align ourselves with His Spirit, the more content and successful we will be.