So why biology?? Because, Amanda Marcotte and several other alleged feministi who have totally embarrassed my entire gender with their nonsense. Somewhere in the midst of slutwalks and giant pink dancing vaginas, I became a raging misogynist. Never mind that I’m a girl, I still apparently hate and fear us. (There may be some truth to that, if one of those giant dancing vaginas came my way, I would run screaming.)

So, over and over again I have listened to the Shrieking Ones lecture me about racism, birth control, rape, men, affordable care acts. Without fail their utopian visions for a perfect society never seem to take biology into account. It’s completely left out of the equation. Poof! Biology has been erased. It’s unnatural, it’s stoopid, and it offends me.

So you see, there’s this thing called biology…..

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  1. Hey IB, check out http://www.texsteps.isagenix.com when you have a moment. Feel free to email me.


  2. I need to contact you. You can email me at tadtexer@live.com


  3. muffythedramaslayer said:

    I just nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award šŸ™‚

    Because I really do enjoy your posts!

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  4. If you say “God created” you turn the liberals off, but certain things are obvious laws of nature for sure.


  5. I am really curious if you have heard of Milo Yiannopoulos and what your thoughts may be om him. I have just recently been watching his you tube videos and have sort of a strange admiration for his courage. Very controversial guy. But in some ways I am glad that he is getting out there and saying some of this stuff.

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    • I have heard of Milo and I do admire his dedication to free speech, his willingness to be outspoken. I wanted to go hear him in person, but the protests around him are too dangerous. He’s controversial, he pushes the envelope, but I think he’s doing a good thing, he’s making people think.


  6. Hi, hopefully I am not a bother..
    I am new to blogging and I just wanted to know if you have any tips??

    I want to take it slow but I’m am just wondering how you go about making posts and how you come up with them?

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