So why biology?? Because, Amanda Marcotte and several other alleged feministi who have totally embarrassed my entire gender with their nonsense. Somewhere in the midst of slutwalks and giant pink dancing vaginas, I became a raging misogynist. Never mind that I’m a girl, I still apparently hate and fear us. (There may be some truth to that, if one of those giant dancing vaginas came my way, I would run screaming.)

So, over and over again I have listened to the Shrieking Ones lecture me about racism, birth control, rape, men, affordable care acts. Without fail their utopian visions for a perfect society never seem to take biology into account. It’s completely left out of the equation. Poof! Biology has been erased. It’s unnatural, it’s stoopid, and it offends me.

So you see, there’s this thing called biology…..


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  1. Hey IB, check out http://www.texsteps.isagenix.com when you have a moment. Feel free to email me.


  2. I need to contact you. You can email me at tadtexer@live.com


  3. muffythedramaslayer said:

    I just nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award šŸ™‚

    Because I really do enjoy your posts!

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  4. If you say “God created” you turn the liberals off, but certain things are obvious laws of nature for sure.

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  5. I am really curious if you have heard of Milo Yiannopoulos and what your thoughts may be om him. I have just recently been watching his you tube videos and have sort of a strange admiration for his courage. Very controversial guy. But in some ways I am glad that he is getting out there and saying some of this stuff.

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    • I have heard of Milo and I do admire his dedication to free speech, his willingness to be outspoken. I wanted to go hear him in person, but the protests around him are too dangerous. He’s controversial, he pushes the envelope, but I think he’s doing a good thing, he’s making people think.


  6. Hi, hopefully I am not a bother..
    I am new to blogging and I just wanted to know if you have any tips??

    I want to take it slow but I’m am just wondering how you go about making posts and how you come up with them?

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  7. Your words are so beautifully placed. I enjoy every post. Thank you.

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  8. I was wondering where you’ve been and was getting a little concerned, so I hopped over to your site and saw that you’re still here, publishing as usual. You just haven’t been showing up in my WordPress Reader. I must have unintentionally unfollowed you. That has been fixed. I will once again be privileged to read your words of wit and wisdom.

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  9. Hi, I am a new blogger and was wondering if i could get in contact with you. I could not find your contact info, so here is mine, stacyjuliann@gmail.com. I would love your opinion,because I like how you are open. Anyone feel free to check me out.


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  10. I am going through my normal matrix of comments and I can’t believe how long we have been chatting on WordPress. Amazing… 2014! lol

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  11. Hi InsanityBytes,

    I do understand your frustration with annoying “Shrieking Ones.” They are found on all sides of any contentious issue or ideology. But I find you are headed in the right direction of the forest without getting too lost on one or two trees regarding Earth’s obvious and endless biodiversity-ecodiversity.

    For example, the VERY common phenomena of intersexed births all around the world. Statistics and detailed information can be found here:

    [http://www.isna.org/faq/frequency] — or here: [http://www.isna.org/faq/ten_myths/rare]

    Also, studying embryology, endocrinology, and several other scientific disciplines adequately show to most all reasonably intelligent inquisitors that Nature, this Earth, and the Cosmos/Universe/Multiverse in which we humans all exist is NOTHING but a monistic system. Honestly, in my humble opinion, there’s no way to avoid embracing this reality.

    For an initial further study, watch this excellent documentary:


    It soon becomes obvious that antiquated legends, myths, orthodoxy, and folklore will soon be extinct.

    Warmest regards InsanityBytes. ā¤


  12. I’m working on my new novel. It’s going to deal with issues of male authority: https://wordpress.com/post/pamelaparizoblog.wordpress.com/132

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  13. You know, as I was reading this.. all this talk of vaginas (dancing and otherwise), biology, sluts, and misogyny… when I reached the part about, “Utopian visions” I misread it to be “Fallopian visions” and actually thought that was a bit of creative prose. Sadly, I was wrong.. on both accounts. So maybe I will follow and get my feet wet.

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  14. IB, I wanted to invite you, and anyone else you can think of to my new blog, which will solely be concentrated on the red pill, and more specifically deconstructing the philosophy/psychology of Rollo Tomassi. I was reading something on the red pill Reddit site yesterday that gave me an epiphany. It essentially was saying women should not have value because of what they have to offer a man, i.e., their sex. The funny thing is, that is exactly what these men do–they place a value on a woman only based on her sexual value. It brought home to me that at the core of red pill theory is the idea that is essentially the same as the feminist idea, that women should freely give their sexual intimacy to men without being given anything (especially not marriage!), that women are just a plate to be used and then shattered. At its core is that women are just sexual objects for men’s pleasure, and that the man who manipulates her to gain that is a man of power. I know how Jeremiah felt when he lamented at his people being eaten up like bread. Alt-Christians like Dalrock see this, but they think they are somehow honoring women with LTRs and marriage. I’m working on a post that will speak to Jesus’ view of humanity and then I will expound on this in a post “sexual intimacy as a commodity”. This isn’t going to be a priority, but I do have a lot of material I’ve written as I’ve worked my way through Tomassi’s the Rational Male.


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    • Great idea, Pam! Thanks for leaving a link. Take you time and I’m sure we’ll talk more about it all. šŸ™‚


      • I need to go back and look at my first post make sure my focus is right. The preaching today had something to do with it. He preached about the two thieves. We don’t want to waste our time on thieves that rail on the truth, but rather give to those that are hungry for it. That’s what I want my focus to be—those that want truth and not lies.

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        • In my opinion, Christians are drawn to the red pill for some reason. They are hungry for something they are not getting in the church. I’m sure for some it’s just plain old sin, but for others they are seeking something. What exactly that is, I’m uncertain. Frank discussions about men and women? Sexuality? All I can say is that there is obviously a need that is not being met.

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          • Feminism has destroyed men and families. It seems, in my readings, they feel the church sides with women. While I have not seen this in the churches I attend, I’m getting the sense that mainstream especially, and also “egalitarian” churches devalue men. So the manosphere backlash is that the church has become feminized. Unfortunately, people like Tomassi with his secular psychology feed on their need. I can’t say I completely agree with their complaints, but I do hear their pain. I actually have personal experience with the women-centered legal system they speak to. While the manosphere promises them a revival of their “masculinity” it is at the expense of women, and I do feel it is not the masculinity modeled in the Bible. What I have trouble with is not so much Tomassi, but people like Dalrock who say they are Christian but align themselves with this hateful philosophy.

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  15. Hey, pleased to know you.! šŸ˜Š

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  16. I wrote a blog recently on how a woman’s greatest strength is her vulnerability. Not a popular point of view these days, but the onslaught of cultural feminism needs to be balanced by the voice of reason. I have two daughters, one is 20 and one is 19. Feminism is shoved down their throats at college every day. Yes,many women have been taken for granted and abused by narcissistic men for many hundreds of years. But the backlash shouldn’t be reverse bias and hatred. Women stepping into and owning their God-given strength and abilities would help. My poor son, who is 17, is afraid to open a door for a girl on a date for fear of being accused of being a male chauvinist. It’s a scary world when women determine they will never again be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is being human. They only thing their arrogant defensiveness is accomplishing is a generation of shallow, power-hungry, angry women.

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