I read dozens of blogs everyday. These are a handful of some of my favorites. ย Feel free to leave me a link to yours in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

My other blog:


26 thoughts on “Blogroll”


    I’m looking forward to following your blog =)

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  2. Pretty awesome to make the list.

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  3. Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy said:

    Hey, Insanity –

    I would be honored to be added to your Blogroll:

    Thanks! And great blog!

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  4. – Just a humor blog of how everything in life is pathetic.

    Love your blog.

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  5. Love your blog. I would be honored to be added to your Blogroll.

    Shine On



    I too am honored. Thanks for inviting!

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  7. Hi, IB, I’d be happy if you added A Christian Worldview of Fiction to your blogroll:


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  8. The Radical One said:

    Hey IB I’ve been following you for a while and I’ve seen you following me too. You now occupy a place in my blog roll, by chance is there room for my blog on your blog roll as well? ๐Ÿ™‚

    -The Radical One

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  9. The Radical One said:

    Many thanks IB!

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    Focusing on homeschooling six children, four of them boys, and hopefully arming them with the weaponry needed to fight the temptations to come, especially in this toxic culture. Warning — this blog is pretty boring compared with what you seem to have here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mostly about kids and schooling and I don’t have time to post much.

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  11. Oops, will try one more time:

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  12. Would you add The Outspoken TULIP?

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  13. The Night Wind said:

  14. Here is my blog. You might find it interesting. Have a great weekend.

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  15. I just started blogging. My site is

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  16. This is awesome to make a list for others!!!

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  17. Hi Insanity, I just read a post by Shattered in Him, for the first time, and she recommended you. So here I am! And I’m glad she did. I enjoyed your CIA post, and Reba. Love REba!!
    I just need to know, how do you have time to read dozens of posts a day?? I always run outta time, before I can get around to them all!!


  18. I’m enjoying your meandering musings that dont really matter except they do. If you’d like to add a link to a serious film review blog that reviews serious films (mostly) I’d be honoured to appear in your blogroll from

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