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Happy fall! I do not mean the fall of mankind. Nor do I mean the complete collapse of Western civilization. I do not mean the plunge of our continuous economic decline. I am not speaking of those who seem to have fallen away from faith. Also, this post has nothing to do with tripping over yourself and falling down.

There are probably many more negatives related to that word “fall” that I have blissfully forgotten. What a dreadful word! You may notice I do not have a marvelous attitude towards fall. To me it signifies the end of the sun, the start of the cold, the death of the leaves. Bah humbug.

So I am exceedingly grateful for all the pumpkin spice revelers with their joys of hot soup and colorful leaves. You know these people, the ones who are all excited about sweater weather and the crisp fall air. I heard one the other day, all gleeful because they get to wear their boots again.

I tend to rage against the change of the seasons which is even more tragic when you realize I live in a somewhat temperate climate. “Temperate” is a pretty relative term, but I mean we are actually in this little garden part of the state that is much like a bubble and protects us from the worst of the extremes. Alas, the marine layer also tends to protect us from the sun. The days grow shorter and are often so gloomy the porch light stays on all day.

I am not sure where my doom and gloom comes from, perhaps the spiritual death symbolized by a Narnia winterland and the disappointment of turkish delight. CS Lewis would have understood. I try to remind myself that without winter in Narnia there would be no Aslan coming to thaw things out and all those who had been turned to stone would never have the chance to come alive.