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“Women never get enough credit for the things they didn’t do.” Bill Mahr.

Ha! This gave me a little chuckle. Bill Mahr was commenting on the movie “The Aeronauts,” which tells the tale of James Glaisher and Henry Coxwell who almost died after reaching more than 30,000 feet in a gas air balloon in the 1860’s.

The thing is, James and Henry were both men, but we’ve become very concerned that women are not being equally represented in history, so for the movie Henry had to become “Amelia,” and was played by a female.

Never mind that no female in her right mind would ever risk life and limb merely in an attempt to claim dominion over the whole atmosphere. It is not that women are incapable, it is that we are not complete idiots. All in good humor here, but women are not downright foolish in quite the same way as men are. We tend to be more risk adverse and sensible. The Bible says, “it is not good for the man to be alone,” and I honestly believe that has something to do with his propensity to get himself injured while out trying to rope the moon.

No man shaming intended, either. God designed us to be passionate about the things that spark life in us and He proclaimed His creation good.

It’s a pretty intense and gripping movie. Hubby and I enjoyed it, however the whole time there was this nagging irritation that kept alerting me to the fact that this woman was not behaving like a woman. She was behaving like a woman trying to represent an imaginary caricature of a man. Rather then promoting equality, it actually just screamed, the only way to have value and worth and to matter in the world is to emulate men.

In order to properly play the character everything that was glorious and good and feminine had to be put to death. Needless to say, I get a wee bit annoyed when my entire kind is subjected to a metaphorical genocide in the name of entertainment and chronic virtue signaling.

What makes Bill Mahr’s quote so funny, is that real women know how the real world works. Everything is always mom’s fault. The first thing psychiatrists say is, “tell me about your mother.” Clearly her refusal to cut the crusts off your bread in 4th grade have created great psychological harm. If a man is experiencing stress, obviously there must be something wrong with his neurotic wife. If he bails on her and has an affair, well obviously she wasn’t satisfying him.

And if you are a man who fancies himself a woman trapped in the wrong body, than clearly the only thing standing between your sound mental health and your right to world domination, is uppity women who don’t want to share their bathrooms with you.

Recently some articles hit the airways about the greatest threat to our nation, the scariest potential domestic terrorists, more rabid than Proud Boys, more dangerous than an alt right troll living in his parent’s basement….the trad wives. Sheesh.

Let me tell you, there’s real truth in them there words, “women never get enough credit for the things they didn’t do.”