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So, sometimes I follow Seattle Revival Center. Chuckling here, but they are very charismatic, so to be honest, I actually began following them simply because their on line game was so good. They got the tech stuff down pat, like the sound is on and the video screen is upright.

Laugh with me, no shaming intended, I just live in the boonies. The screen not sideways and the sound on can be a major feat.

When covid hit, I stayed home and just worshipped with them for a couple of weeks. Keep in mind that in 24 hours, we had locked the doors of the restaurant, I was suddenly out of a job, the streets were completely deserted, and everything was very spooky and surreal. In one of those perfect God moments, I had just prayed about the state of my soul and really just needing a blanky and Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. Boom, I tuned into SRC and……..it was just perfect, puppets and everything. God answers prayers and I just knew everything was going to be okay.

For those who don’t know, SRC is just a few miles from covid ground zero, from the nursing home where the first case of covid was discovered. They’ve really been through the mill. They were locked down, forbidden to do church, all sorts of stuff. What has really blessed me has simply been watching Darren Stott grow, adapt, and rise to the occasion. Stalkers are us, what can I say. He transformed from a moderate, politically disinterested, cheerful kind of guy, into a full blown warrior who just makes my heart sing.

This summer he did an interesting series and one of those episodes was called, Government Control & The Good News . It’s really awesome, but part of it is simply him telling his story about being a pastor just a few miles from covid ground zero, amid some really crazy politics. He is funny, entertaining, and I was really blessed by it, so I hope you are too.

I think one of the coolest things is that he talks about the old version of Darren-2019 versus the Darren of today. That’s how I feel, too. As tough as everything has been, God is really at work growing us into the people that we need to be.