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Isn’t that meme just the sweetest thing ever??

And now I have to go ruin it with all my bitterness and cynicism.

That person is not a “gift,” that person is probably a raging codependent with poor boundaries, no self esteem, and a propensity to hook up with total narcissists.

I hope you will laugh with me and understand that my gallows humor has been well earned.

I don’t wish to beat up on this person we are being encouraged to view as “a gift,” but rather on the person this meme was intended for. Sheesh! Self absorbed much?!

I mean seriously, “I have found my soul mate, they have absolutely no self interest, their entire reason for existing revolves around MY success, growth, and purpose, and you don’t even have to thank them because they don’t need any praise?”

They want nothing, nothing in return, they just surf on a wave of perpetual goodness, three feet off the ground as if they are about to ascend to a higher level of spiritual being at any moment. Bit funny how no one ever asks, so what would such a angelic being want with a worm like you?

I mean look at you, you’re self consumed, you treat other people like commodities, and you think it’s everyone else’s job to help you grow, succeed, and “live your purpose.” What an insufferable swine!

And of course, “your purpose” never includes anything like, taking out the trash. Cleaning the toilet? Considering the possibility that other people don’t exist exclusively to serve you? Perceiving other people as fully human, autonomous beings? How about, practicing some self awareness

Oh, now I’m harshing their mellow or spreading bad vibes or something. Nobody needs this kind of negativity in their lives! Eww, toxic, go away!

So many deaf and dumb ears in the world, so little time to whack them all, but just the same, sour grapes really do make the best whine.