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irish springI don’t usually follow prompts, but this one from the Daily Post is a good one, “Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you?”

Reminds me of an old Irish Spring soap commercial. Nothing like a good brawl and a rejuvenating shower out in the woods to send you whistling about your day! Also, oo la la, men and women, that will always get the excitement going.

In all seriousness however, hot running water really is cause for celebration. I never take that for granted. Every time I turn a tap on and hot water comes pouring out, it is cause for rejoicing. There are numerous little things it can be easy to take for granted. Taking the time to truly appreciate each one will put an Irish Spring back in your step.

Going for a walk is invigorating, taking the time to smell the roses, looking about and taking in the world around you. I suppose many forms of exercise are like that, rejuvenating, invigorating. I don’t get outside nearly enough in the winter time, mostly because it’s cold and wet out there and I’m lazy. Getting outdoors however is very refreshing. Extra refreshing in the middle of winter.

I like to  recharge by going outside in the evening and looking up at the stars, checking to see what the moon is up to. Just a quick peek is all it takes to remind me that there is a vast world out there far beyond whatever task has gone and consumed me.

Football was sure invigorating yesterday. Go Seahawks!  If that wasn’t the comeback of all time. I delighted in telling a bunch of football fans to stop moping about, we’re going to win, oh ye of little faith…..and being right!. Ah ha! Spooky strikes again! That attitude actually comes from sitting on the sidelines of many kids games and optimistically declaring, “Hey I know we’re down by double digits, but there’s still hope here! Get out there and fight for it!” Also, we’re toast here and I’d call it the most humiliating loss ever, but last week you guys were even worse! No, I never said that last part. Once I did say, “That was the best loss ever!  Nobody loses as well as we do! We’re awesome”

Faith actually applied is one of the most invigorating and rejuvenating things I know of, better than Irish Spring even. Prayer can be amazing, especially when you do it often enough that you start to realize this is a two way form of conversation. God speaks to us in prayer too, when we are finally finished laying our list of grievances at His feet. Scripture can be exciting, especially as you unwrap layers and begin to see how one thing relates to another and how it can apply to your life personally, in the here and now.  Praise and worship can be very rejuvenating. God is a bit like a mirror, praise Him and He will shine His countenance down upon you.

It’s counter intuitive, but when the poo hits the fan, break out in song and engage in some praise and worship. It’s even better than Irish Spring.


*****Repost from 2015