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Love is not blind. Now beer goggles, beer goggles will make you blind, but love can see everything with a powerful clarity.

1 Corinthians 13 is still one of the best descriptions of love we have. I really like the KJV because it refers to “love” as “charity.” Early in my marriage it was very easy to say, “of course I love you, that’s a given, nobody should even have to bother saying it.” So, are you being charitable? Oh dear, now that’s an entirely different matter. Charity is benevolent goodwill, generosity and helpfulness, lenient judgment.

Today charity is pretty much thought to involve money or donated goods, but it is actually the benevolent goodwill of love. Charity as “lenient judgment” makes me laugh. That is not the absense of all judgment, not so open minded your brains fall out, “lenient” is actually to be merciful or indulgent.

1003080_10152155891337432_312856305_nSo indulgent to what? Pretty much indulgent of somebody else’s quirks and dysfunctions. We all have them ourselves and the things in others that annoy us. I remember rolling my eyes at messes, clothes on the floor, dishes left about. My husband is actually very tidy, but even so the evidence of his presence would sometimes annoy me. It’s kind of funny, I really treasure those things today. Crazy I know, but I love to come home and follow the footprints to the kitchen and find the dirty butter knife on the counter and think, “ah how sweet, hubby was here for lunch.” I can sense his presence all over the house in a good way.

Something else I like in there, Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.” Truth is not always a comfortable thing. In our somewhat materialistic world full of people wearing masks, the idea of love and truth residing together can seem a bit odd.

If you think about the whole love and dating thing, people like to dress up in their best, put their favorites masks on, say only what we think each other wants to hear. True love however, compels you to “rejoice with the truth,” not to delight in evil.

I read a silly little article I shall not even link to that suggested love makes you blind, that the chemicals and endorphins released create this chemical soup that blinds you to the flaws of another. It was very scientific, cut and dry, and devoid of anything spiritual. To that I say pffftt. Au contraire, love doesn’t blind you, it enables you to love someone in spite of their flaws and in fact to take it a step farther and to love them flaws and all.


 ****Repost from 2015