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Who, you may ask is, docweasel? Heck if I know, but I think he deserves a hat tip  for standing up and speaking out against teh stoopid. One of my favorite things is watching someone stand up for the faith and speak the truth, even when those you are standing against are calling themselves “Christians.” Double extra credit points for showing courage in the face of attacks from mindless orcs.

“That image posted at the top of post isn’t what I’d call “Christian”- I’m the last one to be over-sensitive or pulling the race card, but that image is flat out racist.

No one who calls themselves Christian or bemoans the loss of Christian ethics has any business posting something like that, or else they have a thin grasp of exactly what Christianity is in the first place.”  


So, who ever you are, thank you for standing up for the truth. Here’s a curtsy for ya.