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“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t all out to get you.”

I had this thought while setting up a cheap disposable cell phone under a fake name in case my car breaks down some where. I’m pretty sure the little paper dot I’ve placed over my laptop camera was watching me the whole time, too. It’s not like I’m paranoid or anything, I just like my privacy. I don’t like being spied on. Security cameras drive me nuts and they’re everywhere. I don’t have anything to hide, I just don’t always feel like being a movie star.

Anybody ever see the movie, Conspiracy Theory? Mel Gibson and I have a few things in common. I can be a bit anal retentive about some things because I really do understand the implications of this brave new world we find ourselves living in. Many people don’t get it yet, not fully. Setting up this phone brought it all front and center again, how much control and data Google has, how we are synched and linked and tracked and traced and how little control we have over any of it anymore. All that data…what could possibly go wrong, right?

The NSA has little interest in me or they shouldn’t anyway, but I always like to wave at them when I’m on the internet or driving my car with a tracking device or signing into a computer at work. Every moment of my life is so traceable, finances, medical records, taste in music. I find that chilling. It’s worse for kids, they’ve grown up on the internet their whole lives.

I have remnants of my childhood left over, of having lived off the grid for so long, of having no public records of any sort. You want to know how paranoid my parents were, I didn’t go to public school until 5th grade and I went under a fake name. My library card was in another fake name. I had so many alias to remember as a child to this day my name can confuse me. It was a custody battle that sent us into hiding, that and a belief that the end of the world would be arriving any moment.

I follow all these happenings, cyber security, hackers, social engineering, the NSA, with rather horrified interest, caught between two worlds, one that desires complete invisibility and one that knows real safety can only be found in transparency and the voice of many.


****Night Wind did a good post on the cyber attacks on the Equation Group if anyone is interested