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I’ve been following several discussions about the latest school loan forgiveness stuff, and we can partially blame Jill for embiggening the discussion even more with her thoughtful post, “Nobody Cares About My Political Opinions, part 1” Also “embiggening” is not a real word, but I like it. It means expanding the conversation, sparking some critical thinking.

I commented over there which pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter.

“I believe usury is a sin, one we’ve built our entire federal reserve around, and one our entire country is now entrenched in. The sin does not lie with those who borrow money, but with those who try to profit off their need. There’s a reason why we put check cashing places in poor neighborhoods and call it predatory lending. I also think we should have a jubilee every 7 years, set some slaves free and cancel some debts!”

I also said, “I’ve also noticed the conservative tendency to try to blame it all on the kids, “young people,” without ever taking any responsibility for having raised them, sent them to public school, encouraged them to go to college. They’re all just irresponsible and “don’t work as hard as we did”….back when a house cost ten grand and you could go to college for a few hundred bucks. This bickering benefits liberals and serves them well because now people are convinced conservatives are mean, selfish, and hateful. You’re not going to vote for a group that is so out of touch about the issues you face and seems to despise you.”

Let me clarify a wee bit more. I believe this school loan forgiveness thing is a totally political move, designed to try to create division and raise poll numbers. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s well being or the well being of our economy. That said, if you can personally take advantage of it, more power to you! Let me restate once more that I believe usury is a sin, but not one that falls on those who borrow, but rather on those who charge interest and profit off of other people’s need. Exploiting the poor is not okay.

Never mind politics so much, I am curious why usury has faded into the background of Christian thought, and why we are now living in a country that practically revolves around accruing debt and paying high interest rates?

Any thoughts? Need to vent?