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Here in the 9th circuit of hell we have a young man brainwashed by the cultural system and convinced he is transgender as of about four months ago. The mayor and couple of city council members have now donated large sums of money for him to have bottom surgery. Talk about peer pressure! My heart just bleeds for this poor kid who is a legal adult, but just barely.

Also, he is a straight, white, heterosexual male. Why do I specify that? Because in my opinion what is being done to him is actually a hate crime. The venom being expressed towards straight, white, heterosexual males, and the claim that they must be eradicated, is woven throughout the entire debate. The mayor and some on the city council seem to believe that the way he was born is so vile, so ugly, it must be surgically and chemically corrected.

I spent a lot of time trying to teach my children, “you’re beautiful just as you are.” As a mother I am just outraged that politicians and teachers are contradicting that message when it comes to the alleged “transgendered.” Everyone is beautiful just as they are……EXCEPT for you. You are such a freak of nature we must cut everything off and chemically castrate you.

Breaks my heart and it’s a really maddening kind of evil.

He is employed by the swimming pool owned by city, managed by the YMCA, and they thought it would be wise to send him into the women’s dressing room, wearing a woman’s bathing suit and assuming a female identity, so he could help little girls change. An 80 year old woman was in the showers at the time and she objected. For her efforts she was banned from the pool for life. She promptly went to the city council to state her case.

She and some other women eventually held a permitted press conference in front of city hall and were mobbed by a bunch of mostly male transgender advocates, about 200 of them. The cops where basically told to stand down. They did, standing across the street, and they are on tape telling a couple people if you don’t feel safe, you can just leave. There were some bumps and bruises, broken fingers, sprained ankles, that sort of thing, but fortunately none of the women were seriously injured.

This story has now gone viral and is all over the media, as it should be because it really is an outrage. So a couple of people from out of the area, wish to come back and protest, so they organized, got a permit and are scheduled for today. This is where the “telephone game” comes into play, gossip, the way hyperbole and hysteria changes the whole nature of the game, and labels are used to force a false narrative. By the time the information gets to you, it has been so distorted it is now unrecognizable.

The very liberal 80 yr old woman, was even labeled and dismissed as a bigot, an oppressor, etc. These guys coming today have really been vilified, taking it all up a notch, so they are being called “Proud Boys, ” “KKK,” “Trumpians,” “domestic terrorists, ” etc etc on social media and in coffee shops. They are the designated enemy of the day and several complete morons are planning to go and counter protest.

Naturally the police response is totally different this time around. Parts of town are being shut off, parking is restricted, and they are gearing up for an “event.” Due to political biases, it does not look like any stand down orders will be forthcoming this time around.

The original women involved in this scuffle absolutely do not endorse or support today’s protest. They are very liberal, gay affirming, feminists, who want nothing to do with anyone not of their tribe. I however, bless these men who have chosen to exercise their free speech rights, who have chosen to exercise their right to gather, who have chosen to exercise their God given right to petition the gov with their grievances. I pray for their protection, I pray for their safety and well being.

So, we need your prayers for a peaceful assembly today, for sensible grown ups to rule the day, and for the Lord to make His presence known in this young man’s life.