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Between my computer woes, our local political drama, and grieving a death in our family, I never got around to sharing the good stuff! In the midst of everything, we also had a lovely family vacation for my birthday and went camping, although it was more like glamping since hubby and I had a real cabin. With air conditioning. And a coffee pot.

Also, a bit comical, but going “camping” for us is more like going into civilization, going into town among the people. Like, there are lots of people in campgrounds these days and you have to make reservations like a resort.

We had a lovely time, the family got along well, and there was no drama, no one stormed off and went home. I am laughing, but that’s an accomplishment, that’s a miracle, and one should take note of these kind of things. All families have periodic struggles, but mine did remarkable well and everyone got along.

We saw a lot of eagles, squirrels, rabbits, and 46 elk. I know this because they were huge and right between us and the bathrooms. There was not much we could do but sit back patiently and just count them as they went by. I saw a couple of small ones that I thought were sick or something. They couldn’t walk well, they looked really weak, and they had stuff stuck to them. It wasn’t until the next day when they came back that I realized they were just newborns, all covered in spots and just getting their sea legs.

A tree actually came down right across a campsite. It was loud, a massive amount of noise and I wasn’t sure if it was gunshots or fireworks or an invasion. Once we finally figured it out, we went to see what had happened. This huge maple just split off and laid itself right down. By some miracle the people had been delayed, so the site was empty at the time. What a Divine delay that was. I put a Jesus rock there and said a prayer.

There was lots of hiking, some swimming, and I had delicious glow in the dark cup cakes. Actually they didn’t glow, but the little birthday tags on them did. It was fun to be out beneath the stars with starry cupcakes in the cool of the evening. Did I mention it was hot? I happen to love the heat so that was a nice treat. I think I enjoy the heat so much because I love all the activities that go along with cooling off.

Social media sometimes presents a distorted view of positivity, everything is wonderful, here’s my perfectly posed Instagram photos, don’t you wish you had a life as good as mine? But sometimes bloggerville can distort perceptions too, mostly because we often write about all the things that trouble us! Then there is click bait, the idea that drama and scandal attracts views. It’s true too! Everyone wants to go track a hurricane, not read about day 67 of mundane and average temps. I like to try to remember there is great beauty in the mundane and ordinary, that stillness and moments of peace have great value, too.