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Night Wind 777 continues to seek information and to get the word out about the case of the Walker County Jane Doe and offers a blog update here WALKER COUNTY JANE DOE UPDATE AND SOME COMMENT.

You can help by sharing this information in bloggerville and by reaching out if you think you might know something about this case. Everybody deserves a name. The fact that people, strangers, still care about this girl some 41 years later, is important. Making the effort matters.

As a side note, I chuckled reading the commentary on internet culture, on trolls and larping, conspiracy theories and performance art. Some of us tend to perceive ourselves as recipients, as the passive consumers of entertainment. That makes all other people performers and ourselves the armchair quarterbacks throwing tomatoes. It’s quite narcissistic, a bit neurotic, and often heavily tinged with paranoia.

I just want to say, the best way to avoid being gamed by the world is don’t be a passive consumer of entertainment. Also, consider the possibility that you are dumb. Ha, that tends to offend people, but practicing some intellectual humility will make you way smarter and much less neurotic, and we sure need a lot more of that in the world.