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What does my faith exempt me from? I’m so glad you asked! It exempts me from manipulation tactics, guilt tripping, shaming, condemnation, authoritarianism, fear, control, spiritual abuse, and pathetic appeals to emotion.

I’m being cranky and snarky for sure, but I’m dead serious about that first part. Best day of my life was discovering I answer to Jesus.….and no one else. What an incredible weight lifted off that was. I have the Holy Spirit leading and guiding me! I have the wisdom of the ages, the Ancient of Days, to turn to! Like, Hallelujah!

If you want to know why this was such amazing, remarkable news to someone like me well, Pastor Keith Marshall over there thinks not getting the vax is a sin, hating your neighbor, and taking the Lord’s name in vain. Sheesh.

I just read about a Catholic church denying communion, mass, and last rites to the dying if they haven’t been vaxxed. Wow. This is part of the reason why I am not Catholic, although protestant foolishness seems to believe we’re in some kind of running competition, a race to the bottom.

Alas, this “religious exemption” of mine does not seem to exempt me from being exposed to the blathering covid cult or the endless bleating of sheep.

You know what is worse than dying of covid? Being relentlessly threatened with dying of covid 24/7. That is like a form of slow torture. I am so annoyed with my favorite Christian radio station for now running covid ads and constant interruptions reminding me to wear a muzzle, wash my hands, and get the vax.

This may sound a bit harsh but while I would really prefer to live a long, long time if, “dying needlessly of covid,” sets me free from the constant bleating of endless covid neurosis and mindless hysteria, I’ll just consider it a win-win.

Speaking of which, can someone please explain to me what “needful” dying is? Is there some category of deaths where we go, ah yes, that one was really necessary and much needed?! “Needless death” tends to imply there is some kind of “needful death,” which does make me more reluctant to listen to your health advice.

It occurs to me that the nature of this hill I am prepared to die on, is a conflict over who owns me. Right? The government seems to believe “your body, our choice,” and much of Christian world seems to believe the same, but with an added caveat of, “your conscience, our choice.”

Nope. I’ve been bought and paid for and I belong to Jesus. It’s not negotiable.

The hardest part of this “religious exemption” is actually a call to forgive all these Christian people who have just dropped the ball, to forgive myself for expecting more of them then they were capable of giving, and to then let it go because the next day is just going to bring a whole new slew of disappointments and betrayals…..in need of more forgiveness, mercy, and grace.

Ai yi yi.

I am claiming faith in Jesus Christ as justification. I totally am, and it has nothing what so ever to do with vaccines. What an odd turn of phrase for Pastor Keith to try to close his article with. What is the implication, justification only by injection or something?

Nope, completely unacceptable. Bad pastor, no wafer for you!