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We’ve been talking a bit about Divine will, God’s will, God’s sovereignty, how and why does He allow bad things to happen, and I stumbled upon this timely post called, (surprise!)Divine Will.”

You should click to read it, it was nicely done and well said. The whole subject of God’s will is huge and there is always going to be some mystery there because it is a subject matter too big for our brains to fully hold.

I really like what this guy said about how, “God works through the imperfect choices of His children to bring about His perfect will.” God meets us right where we are at. No matter what choices we’ve made that we may think are wrong, we just aren’t powerful enough to wreck His plan for our life or to thwart the good He wishes to accomplish.

I think it’s also very hard to give a pat answer or a theological explanation for Divine will because we are individuals and our struggles are generally specific to us and they are often matters of the heart. Why did a child have to die? Why is some evil allowed to flourish? Those are painful emotional questions that just can’t be addressed intellectually because the pain of that “why” doesn’t come from between our ears, it comes from somewhere deep in our souls.

I like how this guy made the analogy about training a horse. For me, most of my Bad Things That Happen have been much like that, things that have taught me how to draw closer to God, to follow His lead, to turn to Him. If the analogy of a horse bothers you, be a warrior or a ninja. I sometimes fancy myself as an athlete or a warrior, a spiritual ninja, or perhaps even the main player in a video game. If I hadn’t been through the first 10 levels of Life Stuff, I would never have had the spiritual maturity to handle the next avalanche coming my way. Sometimes God can sure level up the game.

My “game”  by the way, is going pretty well right now, and joy does come in the morning. It is just that I do know the pain and frustration of that, “Why God, why?” He has an answer to that question, but it is always going to be one specially tailored to fit you and your needs and circumstances.

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