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I have once again become the object of atheist ridicule and mockery launched by the usual braying hyenas of bloggerville. Apparently I have “dodged a question” and now been most gloriously slain. I shall melodramatically fall upon my sword and cough up some glamorous death throes. You have won Sir Knight of the Nihilists, you have captured the flag, you now own the whole mountain. I am slain, slain I tell ya….

In all seriousness however, I really had no idea I was even in a debate. People do not seem to understand that I am a complete unapologetic, not one who engages in the fine  art of apologetics.

Like, I don’t care. Now, I am supposed to care I suppose, being an evangelical and all, and God is certainly working on me, but in all honesty, I just don’t care. You don’t believe in God?? Good, have a lovely life. How is this even my problem??

I have however, been playing this atheist game long enough to have scratched my head in puzzlement and asked myself the most impolite questions like, what odd display of male peacockery is this?  This strange feathery display of victory and dominance before an audience of cackling fans sure resembles something akin to…… performance art?

Precisely, atheism is really just all about performance art. Showmanship. Social Dominance. Rebellion among one’s friends for the sake of public praise and personal glorification. Look at me, look at how……. defiantly stoopid I can be.

I am notorious for drawing this weirdness out in people, and usually blissfully unaware of it. Like the other day this guy just vomited all over my shoes, declared he’d rather read the koran, worship satan, and sacrifice chickens, then have anything to do with Christians. I was like, Dude?! Dude, I simply asked you if you needed more tarter sauce. True story. What did I do, walk by and breathe Jesus on you?

I hope so! Ha! I rather like that idea. You sensed His breath in my very body, didn’t you? Well it’s true, in Him I have my breath and being. So do you, but whatever.

So people who try to kick at me are generally not very happy themselves. It turns out that the stories we tell ourselves are really, really important. What and Who we follow actually begins to shape us. What we believe about ourselves and about God begins to lead us. So I believe in the goodness of God and that love conquered all and that miracles happen everyday. If that offends you well, suck it up buttercup.

Just for fun I thought I’d leave a link to this article I snagged from over at Wilson’s site. I really liked the article itself, “Christopher Hitchens and his Christian friends.”

Yep. Atheism as nothing more than performance art……


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