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Do you ever wonder how to get people to speak life over you and pour out kind words? I have totally solved the life riddle and it is a harsh truth to discover indeed, but the surest way to avail yourself of great people favor is to commit some atrocious crime, something that just makes all civilized people want to throw up in their mouths a little.

That is NOT advice, it is simply my deeply rooted sarcasm and bitter gallows humor at play. It also has an element of truth to it.

Many years ago, not far from here, there was a man receiving all kinds of praise, “he’s a good father, an outstanding husband, a valued member of our community whose selfless service to others is well-known.” Naturally at the time, the news was reporting on the body recovery efforts underway on his property. Apparently when Mr Right was not selflessly serving others, he was picking them off one by one and burying them in his back yard.

“He’s been such an amazing neighbor. He’s like the boy next door,” said tearfully of course, as if Mr. Right were now being victimized and unfairly judged for his propensities and perversions.

Let me pause for a moment and mention that anyone who has some uncomfortable feelings over the word “depraved,” as in perhaps “totally depraved” sounds too harsh when describing the state of human beings in general, you need to get out more. Walk a mile in my shoes, spend 15 minutes looking out my window. “Depraved” is the polite term for it.

So, it is with all wry humor and delicious bitterness, I discover yet another upstanding community member, worthy of all due people favor. “He is universally loved by a lot of different people who expressed that to me and he is a terrific human being.”

Our “universally loved, terrific human being” is actually California Deputy Attorney General Raymond Liddy, the 53-year-old son of Watergate burglar G. Gordon Liddy. He has just been arrested for possessing child porn, including numerous images of kids under 12 engaged in sexual activity. link here.


My point here being,  the world’s approval, the favor of people, social standing, these are fickle things indeed. They should not be taking too seriously and they should never be used as moral markers, as evidence of someone’s worth and value, including your own. People approval has got to be one of the worst ways to discern whether or not you are on the right track, morally, spiritually. While it’s fabulous to be teachable, to take the opinions and suggestions of others under advisement, they are only a tool, a tiny piece of the puzzle.

Keep that in mind if you’re ever twitter bombed, if you ever encounter the mob mentality of rabid and mindless human hatred.  Keep your perspective and remember that while you may be the “most despicable human being ever” based on the opinion of random strangers on the internet, California Deputy Attorney General Raymond Liddy, child porn addict, is also being called a, “universally loved, terrific human being.”

Words always have power, but sometimes words don’t mean diddly squat.