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Now here’s an interesting article that’s right up my alley, “Dear Women’s Ministry, Stop Calling Me the B-Word”  link here

The B word here is “beautiful.” I have some mixed feelings about this article and I think perhaps she does, too. There’s a hesitation in her writing, the way she clarifies, “Again, it’s not a bad message. But it’s theologically deficient….”

barbiesIt’s not a bad message. So many women are truly beaten down by life, by expectations, by the entire beauty industry, that we actually do need to hear there’s another kind of beauty, beauty in Jesus Christ, and that a big part of who we are as women involves bringing some beauty into the world. We are beautiful. I don’t want to see that truth completely squashed because on the other side of the culture, women are being pressed to reject all femininity outright, as if there is actually something shameful about womanhood, our worth and value now being perceived as how well we can compete and perform in what has traditionally been perceived as more masculine roles. Down with princesses, down with stay at home moms, down with anything perceived as traditionally female, as soft.

But change that B word to “strong” or “brave,” or any of the other empty platitudes, the feel-good words we pretend we’re arming women with, and she’s onto something. Where’s the substance, where’s the meat, where’s the beef?

It’s a bit like going into battle unarmed, a slightly smaller, weaker version of a man, facing a relentless assault from the enemy for precisely that reason, and you’re going to feed me…..platitudes?

Hey girl, you’re sure are  looking  good down there, all flattened out like road kill….

What women really need is a spiritual AK-47, a sword of truth, a suit of  armor, an arsenal of weaponry, and a hearty breakfast of pure meat. Our warfare, our battles may not always be physical, but they will be spiritual and they will be intense. The only way to win them is to know who you are and Whose you are.

Whose you are is of such vital importance. Go into battle and tell the enemy, “I’m strong, I’m brave, I’m beautiful,” and he will promptly steal all three and spit out the bones.  But tell him Whose you are, tell him, you mess with me, you mess with my Father, and it’s a whole different ball game. Trust in the Lord with all you heart and do as the angel Michael did in Jude 9, the Lord rebuke you, and it’s a real game changer.

We stand in the shelter, in the shadow of His wings.  In Jesus Christ alone….

I really like the way she ended this article,“When our eyes turn to His beauty instead of pandering to ours, insecurities die.”  So does fear, confusion, anxiety, despair, and a whole host of other things that ail us.