I am not a liar. There is actually some discussion about that on the intertoobz right now, which actually has gone and really ticked me off. It can be frustrating having people invested in trying to dismiss everything you say, trying to portray you as a liar, crazy and unworthy. A heretic.Β Christian people. Let that resonate for a moment. My biggest obstacle, my biggest stumbling block in trying to share my faith with others actually comes from Christian people. Not liberals, not atheists, not feminists, Β but rather people claiming the name of Christ.

The idea that women are liars, deceptive, crazy, mentally ill, is such a deeply ingrained social narrative, one I have encountered so frequently, I’ve just surrendered all and named myself insanitybytes. Why do we dismiss what women have to say by labeling them crazy or deceitful? So their ideas will carry no weight, so we can justify not listening to them. So we can lesson their sphere of influence and power. To make them smaller. So we don’t have to let their words impact us in anyway.

So “female” right off the bat means potentially deceptive, likely insane. I say that with all good humor and cheerful fortitude. There are guys walking in the world right now who are instantly perceived as, likely dangerous, probably a criminal. That’s the same kind of unjust preconceived notions that reside in our world. You can’t change it, it’s just human nature.

But when you’re smart, there’s the additional issue of being able to see some things others can’t. That’s not bragging, trust me, it’s a disability, a real pain in the neck. The thing is, just because you can’t see something, doesn’t make someone else a liar. If you’re color blind and I tell you red and blue are real things in world, I am not lying. My intent is not to deceive you.

Then there is the additional issue of speaking the truth. Lying is not my problem, speaking the truth in a world so allergic and resistant to it, is my problem. Our culture, our social realities are encased in so many layers of lies and self deception. Lady, you aren’t “fine,” you’re encased in an eating disorder, addicted to pain pills, and totally freaked out because you can’t afford the electric bill.

Try speaking the truth to people and see what happens. Try not wearing a mask and speaking the truth about you own self and see what happens. That stuff is not for the faint of heart, I’m telling you. Do it anyway, it’s worth it.

If I ever write a book, I think I’ll call it “Liar.” I am forever trying to tell people, the Truth is a person. And the Truth shall set you free. Where your eyes are is where your heart will be, too. If your eyes are on me, they’re in the wrong place.