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He is. He just is and it grieves me no end that he has Christians following him like a bunch of brain dead lemmings. Utterly, totally brain dead and possessing no powers of discernment what so ever. Evil is evil.

Mailvox: Breivik: saint or monster?

VD has long upheld Anders Breivik as a hero, the Norwegian guy who murdered 69 people in cold blood, many of them children. He repeatedly presents this guy as some kind of freedom fighter, his act of terrorism really just an act of war, a heroic sacrifice. Love, even.

In addition to romantisizing a brutal and destructive crime, he instigates feelings of outrage among his readers, basically brainwashing them into believing they are fighting a war for Western civilization.

This is how you exploit wounded and broken men, this is how you radicalize terrorists. This is how you glorify violence, this is how you you entwine it with alleged sexual reward, this is how you convince broken people to do bad things.

He encases his hatred in faith too, using religious language he says things like, “I also have a number of friends whose confirmed kills are in double-digits. Nor am I at all persuaded by the notion that the God who loved David, who slew “his ten thousands”, or the Jesus who praised the faith of the Roman centurion, is anywhere nearly as appalled by war as most men would like to believe.”

And when someone acts on his leadership and murders a bunch of innocents, VD will likely smirk, knowing his hands are clean, knowing he will never have to pay the price for what some stupid midwit did.

Don’t be a stupid midwit. Men built Western civilization,  men are  needed to rebuild Western civilization, to throw out the cult leaders, sociopaths, and wannabe dictators who have no one’s best interests at heart.