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Good article from the Guardian. That sounds like an oxymoron. I can’t believe I just typed “good” in relation to a mainstream news source.

Hiding in plain sight: how the ‘alt-right’ is weaponizing irony to spread fascism


“Experts say the ‘alt-right’ have stormed mainstream consciousness by using ‘humor’ and ambiguity as tactics to wrong-foot their opponents”


Anyway, I’m a big fan of irony, humor, satire, and ambiguity. Fascism, not so much. White supremacy and other forms of hatred, totally unacceptable. Violence is not okay either, flat-out wrong.

However, free speech is good. Challenging political correctness and challenging culture is good.

From the article, “Violating the standards of political correctness and the rules of polite interactions “also functions as an act of rebellion” in spaces drenched in adolescent masculinity.” Yep, I call them the Lost Boys and some of them are lost indeed. Some of them are outright sociopaths exploiting naive idealism. Some of them really are fascists trying to get a foot hold. But take away the dark and the ugly, the propensity for human stupidity, and there is an essence there that is potentially positive. I am far more optimistic and hopeful about the emergence of the Alt Right than the Guardian is. Cautiously optimistic.

As to irony, I had a good chuckle reading this, a roaring belly laugh actually. I grew up as a kid in the 60’s, surrounded by every possible form of cultural revolution, wondering what the heck was wrong with everyone. President Obama and I are about the same age, we saw some of the same things. He took a left, I took a right.

What I found so darn funny is here we are a few generations later,the cultural changes being fought so hard for in the 1960’s having come to fruition in many ways, the children of defiance now being “The Man” themselves, trying so hard to stare down pockets of cultural defiance, to silence, squash, and dismiss it. Still calling everyone fascists……while wearing Che Guevara shirts sand touting the joys of Marxism.

The Alt Right is violating the standards of political correctness and the rules of polite society….. say the flower children of the free love generation, the people of the Weather underground and Rules for Radicals.  Now that’s funny.

There’s something in this article sure to tick off everyone. Don’t blame me, I’m just a cultural observer hiding in my bunker, always trying to figure out why the clowns are running the asylum.