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crownThis is my crown. I totally love it, I have a thing for fake pearls and delicate leaves. Yes, fake pearls. Call me crazy, but I never really wanted anything that was actually grown in an oyster’s behind.

Guys will have to go get their own crown, this one is mine. No doubt most guys would prefer something a bit weightier anyway, more substantial. Go for it, just remember those card board crowns they pass out at Burger King don’t count. You have to get yourself a real, grown up crown.

There is a lot of tragedy, grief all around me. I suppose there is everywhere, it’s just that it Β becomes more personal, Β closer to home in a small area. I know of everyone.

Getting older can be kind of hard, too. Every time some guy does something awful or has something awful done to him, I flash back to that little guy playing in my sprinkler on a sunny day, all that innocence, joy and potential….. and then what I call teh stoopid. Teh stoopid strikes far too often. Teh stoopid always leaves me melancholy for what once was.

Little dude, you forgot your crown. You left home without it. Something made you forget you are part of a royal priesthood, the son of Most High God. How could you forget you were born of a King? Whatever happened to your crown?! Whatever happened to you?

Love hurts, it just does, always. It often leaves you so powerless, unable to do anything at all, except offer up your tears so God can collect them in a bottle. Those tears have value to God and if you love much, you’re simply going to cry much. It is what it is.

Oh, but I do wish more people would straighten their crown and remember who they are, Whose they are, that they would wear their crown proudly knowing they were bought and paid for, signed, sealed and delivered, ransomed at great cost. Teh stoopid cannot touch you if you just remember that one thing. “My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.” -John 10:29

No man is able to snatch us out of our Father’s hand. Not one, but you have to stand in that promise, you have to claim it, and you have to straighten your crown. You may not “feel” as if you are worth much, but your heavenly Father thought you were to die for. To wear anything less than the finest crown in honor of Him is just a travesty.

….Blessed be Your name
On the road marked with suffering
Though there’s pain in the offering
Blessed be Your name…