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Nightwind has a post up called  “PUA RACE-BAITING AND DYLANN ROOF,”  regarding something that has long concerned me, the relationship between the red pills and the radicalization of young men, primarily on the internet. The “Christian” radicalization of young men.

I have been a lone canary in the coal mine for a number of years now, simply trying to make people listen. Just listen, just hear me, Houston we have a problem! I’ve been hollering into cyberspace about it for a few years now.

This time Nightwind speaks of Dylann Roof, the kid who walked into a church murdered 9 Christians during a prayer service in a South Carolina in 2015. He is only one in a long line of ticking time bombs, broken and wounded lost boys easily triggered by rage, repressed sexuality, and convoluted perceptions of male dominance.

Nightwind says, “Roof was a regular commenter at the Manosphere blog, The Daily Stormer, run by Andrew Anglin. Anglin is a self-described Red Pill and MGTOW, and has often been praised by Red Pill bloggers like Vox Day.”

The red pills Pastor Wilson, the same guys who often read your stuff. The same guys who often praise your stuff. If you need an example, here is Vox Day himself praising your article from the other day the one you called,  “The Fear of Woman Bringeth Two or Three Snares”

And here is Dalrock doing the same, while adding some extra emphasis on the permanently cursed Eve who I assume he believes pretty much deserves whatever she gets for all of eternity?

None of us are responsible for how our words are subjectively received by broken and wounded people, however there is strong correlation between authoritarianism, Christian patriarchy, and violence. Male rage, sexuality, and convoluted perceptions of dominance are a potent and toxic cocktail. I can read your words and see scripture, family, love, truth and beauty, all that is good and golden in the world. People like Dylann Roof do not, they read stuff about the horrors of womankind, merge it with male entitlement, throw in a few nazi symbols…..and than blow 9 innocent people away.

Christian people. My people. Our people.

We aren’t all feminists railing against the horrors of misogyny, Pastor Wilson. Some of us are simply Christian women, moms, grandmas, who understand how broken men can be easily radicalized into violence, especially when they are given the tools to justify and validate their desire to merge sexual frustration with a hatred of women. That’s powerful stuff, rage, anger, dominance, and if it is not contained, directed, steered in positive directions, it can cause a whole lot of collateral damage.

When we portray women negatively, when we write narrative that suggests women are more sinful, less human, inferior, worthy of contempt, we dehumanize women and paint a target on their backs. Anytime you dehumanize someone, remove their humanity, they become nothing more than a clump of cells, having little or no human worth and value. The same is true when we dehumanize men, with one significant difference. Men are 70 times more likely to engage in violence, like shooting 9 innocent people in a prayer meeting.

You, Dalrock, and  Vox Day are all Christian men, men who should be leading the way when it comes to reducing the amount of senseless violence in the world and healing men, and yet none of you seem to understand the correlation here. I do.

I’m pleading for your help, Pastor Wilson.  Please hear me and come alongside me. We need to do something about this and I don’t even know what that “doing” would look like, I just know we are called to step up to the plate and address it.