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I read Pastor Wilson’s response to my post about radicalizing young men, a post which he calls,  On Not Having a Cockroach Head.  Thanks for nothing, Wilson.

And yes, I should very much like a giant can of Raid, perhaps a 55 gallon barrel size with a pressurized hose. And a blow torch. There’s some big cockroaches out in the world. I think I shall change my approach from “Can we talk about this, will you help me? to something more akin to, “That’s Bloody Ugly, I Think I’ll Just Kill it With Fire.”

I’m only going to address one part of Wilson’s post least I set my whole blog on fire, the part that says, “There are two things to keep track of here, and both of them are essential. Failure to keep track of them is why our culture has lost its bearings, and why everything is such a tangled knot of confusion.”

No! The reason why things are such a tangled knot of confusion and our culture has lost its bearings has a great deal to do with the fact that evil thrives when good men do nothing. Let me repeat that, evil thrives when good men do nothing. Evil thrives when our Christian leadership, represented by Pastor Wilson at the moment, cannot even acknowledge, Houston we have a problem.

Here IS the problem. We have this thing called the Alt-Right, a subset of which is the red pill, another subset some white supremacists. We also have some young men shooting people in malls, churches, who have been proven to have self-radicalized themselves on some of these very same sites. Sites like for example, the Daily Stormer with their current story, “Coalburning Model Jessica Notaro Gets a Face Full of Acid! May be Blind! Stupid Bitch!”

Then we have “throw acid in their faces” Vox Day,  blogging  the same Stormer article. The same Vox Day who just praised your own article Pastor Wilson, along with Dalrock and some of the others. In fact, you have a huge following among such guys. They often seem to like your words, and they seem to like using scripture to validate their feelings about racism and women.

So let’s call some of the darker elements of the Alt Right fans of yours. Let’s even extend that a bit farther, they’re like a part of your congregation. Part of your congregation is rather enthusiastic about the concept of, “stupid bitch may be blind.” They also tend to be rather admiring of guys like Anders Behring Breivik. Also, hot Asian chicks. And they are rather enthusiastic about their desire to seek revenge against all of womankind.

Just to reiterate here Pastor Wilson, we aren’t talking about micro-aggressions anywhere, we’re talking  about graphic sexual and a racial violence. Now perhaps it doesn’t bother you to look at your wife and daughters and hear the words, “throw acid in their faces” or “stupid bitch be blind,” but it bothers me a great deal. Many of these fools call themselves Christians, use Christ’s name, and quote scripture.

If I were the spiritual leader of such people, whether I wanted the responsibility or not, I would be deeply concerned about all that.

In the grown up world of faith Pastor Wilson, the one where we actually eat real meat, you don’t get a little gold star for having the intestinal fortitude to bravely declare, “I think what Dylann Roof did was a crime.”

Or as we say in my neck of the woods, “that’s mighty white of you, but no cigar.”