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One of my pet peeves is this idea that Adam and Eve were cursed in the garden. It’s all over the internet and some great theologians I really respect, often speak casually of the curse of Eve, the curse of mankind, how we are all under a curse. For anyone interested, the fall of man is in Genesis 3, so you may read all about it yourself.

There is no curse. If we go back and read Genesis properly, God curses the serpent and He curses the ground. He does not curse Adam or Eve.  There are consequences, their lives become more difficult, everything changes, but there is no “curse” from God. He looks right at the serpent and says “Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed…”

God is a perfect Father, so while we all may be inclined to curse our own children now and then, He does not. He curses the serpent. He actually clothes Adam and Eve in skins and He already has a plan for their redemption. For our redemption.

Somebody smart once said that “satan’s greatest feat was convincing mankind that he doesn’t exist.” I think of that saying every time I hear about the alleged “curse of mankind.” It isn’t true and it isn’t in scripture, but supposing it was?  In that case Jesus Christ came, died for our sins, broke the alleged curse, and rose again in victory. So every time people speak of this alleged curse that isn’t even really to be found in scripture, it is like saying that the work of Jesus Christ on the cross never happened.

This idea about humankind being under a curse does a great deal of harm. It leads people to believe that God is still mad at us, it misrepresents the true character and nature of God, and it denies the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. I don’t know how you get rid of invisible curses that don’t even really exist, but if I could, I’d wave a magic wand and start kissing frogs to do it.