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There’s this thing, a bit like the old sci/fi Blob, a blight on my perfect potato, that I am forever bumping into in faith. It’s like a bad rash or something, the gift that just goes on giving, spreading all over like an affliction. The curse of Eve.

I’ve written about this several times, because it’s a bit of theological wrong-headedness, a flawed foundation that tends to create a building that is just falling over. Here is, “They’ll be no cursing around here.” Here is,  Eve Just Be Cursing now. There are many other posts with the same theme, my  feeble attempts to remove the rash, heal the affliction, slay the dragon.

Why is this so wrong? Well, it’s a bit blasphemous, as in it implies that God cursed His children, that He is still cursing His children, that the death of Jesus on the cross did not really change anything. When people walk around as products of the fall, permanently under a curse, we aren’t walking in the full power of the Lord, saved, claimed, redeemed, transformed. Our debt paid in full.

It’s especially bad when it comes to relationships between men and women, because there is this misconception that tries to take over, where Eve because of her role in the fall of mankind, is doomed to live her life in a perpetual state of punishment, under an eternal curse, one mandated by God Himself. Eve can never be fully redeemed, sanctified, she is forever tarnished and dirty, because the Blood of Christ is allegedly not big enough, powerful enough, to save her.

Uhhggg……. Who teaches this rubbish?

A careful reading of Genesis will show that God does not curse His children. There is no curse on Adam and Eve. There are consequences, cause and effect for sure, but God actually curses the ground and He curses the serpent. His own children He simply clothes in skins, protects from farther harm, and makes a promise to, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

So even if one is going to insist on believing in curses, the curse was broken. It is finished. Jesus Christ paid our ransom, He gave His very life for us. He was victorious over this alleged “curse.” God never does anything halfway. There is no such thing as “halfway saved” or “halfway redeemed.” And there is certainly no such thing where God saved His sons but left His daughters behind.

I cannot believe I actually typed those words, but there seriously are people in the world who seem to believe Eve is under a permanent curse, Her punishment for all of eternity being forced to serve men, compelled to desire her husband, who shall forever rule over her, hopefully in as oppressive and demeaning a manner as possible, I guess.

The hidden ugliness behind that is that woven throughout those words is this idea that the worst thing God could think of to do to women, was to give us a desire for men. So what is the worst, darkest, most horrible thing that could ever happen to Eve? She shall be compelled to fall in love and bear his children.

That’s a falsehood, that’s a deception, that’s a concept born not of the truth but of the Father of all lies. It casts a negative light on God, it denies the power of the cross, it makes love ugly, and it damages relationships between men and women. It is kind of like the trifecta of stoopid, the mother lode of all lies, a triple home run of pointless harm.

I also cannot find a single theological justification for it, it is not sound doctrine, and it is not healthy.  I’m going to have to insist this dragon be slain immediately.