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Someone asked me that question and I didn’t have a proper answer because where does one even begin? Who are the Red Pills and what is their progression into the Alt-Right? First off, the term “red pill” is simply from the movie the Matrix, so people having taken the red pill are now allegedly  in possession of a secret truth that has long been hidden and they are the only ones who can now see reality as it really is.

Nightwind wrote yet another good post called, “RED PILLS CLAIM HATRED AS A CHRISTIAN VIRTUE,” read the whole article, but the opening sentence gives a good summary,  “The Game Cult, which has come to dominate much of US Internet blogging, preaches a degenerated philosophy which throughout the course of the current decade has co-opted much of the Men’s Rights Movement, a solid portion of the political Alt-Right, and has a fair media presence.”

One problem with trying to define them is that they pride themselves on being undefinable, so as to never have to take responsibility for themselves or their ideology. So we have the red pills, the alt-right, the alt-white, the alt-lite, the gamers, the puas, and so forth. What they are is a cultural internet movement that reveals the heart of many people, that is rooted in men’s rights but also the far right end of the political spectrum, more libertarian, somewhat anarchist. They’re rabble rousers and generally I enjoy rabble rousers, or at least their freedom to be rabble rousers, but some of the darker aspects of these groups have caused me concern.

Some people have asked why I bother, aren’t these just some obscure fringe internet groups? No, these are cultural movements with millions of followers that engage in social engineering and trolling who have managed to capture the attention of both of our political candidates. As much as  I love to imagine myself as a deplorable little yellow minion, when Hillary spoke of her “basket of deplorables,” she was addressing the alt-right and their subset, the red pills.

I pretty much just observe culture and politics and study social engineering. That’s my thing, my hobby. I like watching human behavior with a side interest in politics, because politics are all about human behavior.

My red pillian concerns are two-fold. For one, they have got to be some of the worst representatives of conservative Christianity to have walked the planet. As Nightwind pointed out, they tend to do things like claim hatred as a Christian virtue, misappropriate scripture, and engage in numerous false teachings. They are NOT representative of conservative Christianity, or Christians of any stripe, but it doesn’t really matter, because they claim Christ’s name, so they are often what people see when they hear the term “conservative Christian.” Think Westboro Baptist “Church” and the power that tiny dysfunctional family had to shape the cultural narrative. Did that group do anything to advance the kingdom? No, except perhaps advancing backwards.

My second concern is that I long ago predicted the red pills would eventually cost the Right, the Republicans, the elephants, this election, with their misguided attempts at social engineering. They are so bad my little conspiritress heart has often wondered if they were a political plant designed to do that very thing.

Feel free to prove me wrong. Nothing makes my heart sing more than a well-reasoned argument that causes me to re-evaluate my entire perspective. God has been doing that to me since forever and I absolutely delight in it.