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Once again Vox Day, the pampered prince of the Alt+Right, is wrong, wrong-headed and wrong hearted. That has become somewhat redundant over the years, but at least his wrongness is interesting, as in it calls me to clarify and discern what I know to be the Truth.

VD is also extremely fond of his epidermal identity, what he calls the white pill, as are several of the other churchians who support him. I really do apologize to all my Christian brothers and sisters for the white nationalists among our ranks. They are a sad and broken lot and a piss poor representation of Christ. They are however, evidence of our desperate human need for redemption and grace. We’re all flawed, but some really are more flawed than others.

Never mind the election rubbish, I just want to address two points. VD’s been harping on this idea that “identity always trumps ideology.” It frequently does, we are living in a very divisive time and culturally it is all about I-dentity. Heck, you can even self I-dentify your gender these days. We are all about our I-dentities and yes, ideology often gets lost in the shuffle, as does all common sense. But culture is not Truth, in fact very often it is the complete opposite of Truth, AKA, a total deception, nothing more than lies built upon lies. Identity does not actually trump ideology, not for long. Facts are stubborn things and the Truth is a persistent bugger, indeed.

As I said, never mind the election rubbish, in my second point, I want to address diversity, faith, and parenting, as demonstrated in this one paragraph from VD, “Virtually none of the white diversity and equality advocates actually believe what they claim to believe, and quite possibly even think they believe. They can argue about how the Great Society ruined the black family or reference sob stories about the anti-Communist Boat People or declare that Hispanics are naturally conservative family-oriented people all they like, because at the end of the day, experiencing the hard reality that their children are now a despised minority will hit them in the solar plexus and cause them considerable intellectual and emotional distress.”

Well, hit me in the solar plexus with your best shot then, because I am one of those parents not only brave enough to suck up this considerable intellectual and emotional distress, I have actually prayed that my children would experience some adversity, that they would find challenges to face and personal dragons to slay. I wanted children strong enough in themselves to seek Christ’s favor over the favor of men. I wanted them tough enough and brave enough to buck those tribal allegiances whenever necessary and to remain true to themselves, no matter how much of a “despised minority” they may be in the world of men. That is just as true in matters of race as it is in matters of faith. Your status within the culture should never be your primary concern, being true to yourself and Who and what you serve, should be your primary concern.

I keep thinking of the Apostle Paul here, what the world would look like if he had been afraid of the Greek,the Jew, the gentile, the Samaritan,the Roman, the circumcised and the uncircumcised. What if Paul had fainted and simply said, “oh Lord, I cannot do this on account of the fact that I am so fearful, so cowardly, because being a “despised minority has hit me in the solar plexus and caused me considerable intellectual and emotional distress?”

Yes, that’s somewhat comical, because it is the precise opposite of faith and it is not what lurked in Paul’s heart at all. He had that boldness that can only come from a road to Damascus moment where you truly meet fear of God….. and suddenly fear of man loses all meaning. I love Christ’s honesty, “I send you out as sheep among wolves…beware of men; for they will hand you over to their councils and flog you in their synagogues.” No cherry coating the truth, if you do well and follow me expect to be a despised minority, even among your own tribe, frequently thrown in prison, subjected to torture, and the whole adventure is likely to end in your untimely death.

And today we have Christians so comfortable, so entitled, so cowardly, that we actually feel considerably distressed by the idea that we might be called to relinquish some of our established social approval?? Christians in an adulterous relationship with their own epidermis? That’s downright pathetic and makes my heart sink.

Not long ago I read about a Father catching some flack. At the baptism of his daughter he was asked to speak a blessing over her and he said, “may she meet adversity.” People were not pleased, they did not understand, but I got it immediately. It is adversity that builds our character, it is our suffering that teaches us to lean into the Lord, and it is in slaying those dragons that we learn the meaning of victory.

You can be in Christ and advocate for political polices, for certain candidates, for changes in immigration, for closing our borders, but what you can’t advocate for is closing our hearts and minds. The ground at the foot of the cross is level and all the nations are going to one day arrive there.

VD ends with this little bit, “And once goodthinking white people start experiencing those consequences in sufficient numbers, they will become badthinkers, in fact, they will become far more vociferous badthinkers than we thought criminals who rejected goodthink all along.”

Oh puh-lease. What a poser. This pampered prince of the Alt+Right doesn’t know the first thing about what it means to go against the grain, to truly speak truth to power. He simply worships at the foot of epidermal I-dentity, having a faith with about as much substance as over cooked soggy pasta jiggling on a plate.

What a shame his dad never prayed a blessing of adversity over him.

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