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disturbedOkay, I am the first one to say come unto Him like a little child and let’s age backwards. Adulting is highly over rated and there are many of us who take it w-a-ay too seriously. Just the same, this recent trend in adult coloring has left me a bit disturbed.

Has everyone seen the commercials for adult coloring books? There’s one with a woman who crawls into bed with her husband….and her coloring book. She is creating peace and serenity in her life… long into the night, de-stressing by a bedside lamp while her husband snores away. It cracks me up every time because my husband’s response was so unfavorable. I think he has a point. There’s something very neurotic about it, not unlike suddenly deciding to sit up in bed and knit a 45 foot toaster cozy.

I thumbed through a few of these adult coloring books at my grocery store and was suddenly struck by some really demonic imagery. It kind of surprised me actually, but there nestled among the roses sat satan grinning at me. Than there was this lovely mandala…..made out of upside down pentagrams. Call me crazy, but I butt heads with the enemy all day long. The last thing I want to do is fall asleep while coloring  demonic symbolism.

There’s another one, an entire book full of teapots. I do like a good tea party, but suddenly I just didn’t trust them anymore. I found myself peering into the designs wondering what kind of subliminal symbolism was hidden among those pages. Also, I got a bit creeped out by the enthusiasm all around me, “you just have to try this, it will change your whole life!” What is this, like the crack cocaine of coloring books? I began to feel as if I were starring in a really bad after school special.

Coming home, there on my library’s reader board, were the words “Adult Coloring.” Yep, part of our continuing adult education now includes actually teaching grown ups how to color. “Adult Coloring and Conversation.” Oh brother, it’s I cult, I tell ya.

Am I being too judgmental? Perhaps. I mean, my idea of a good time is making homemade finger paints and peanut butter play dough. It is not as if I reject childish things, but just the same I find the whole trend a bit disturbing. Perhaps it’s just my inner child having an anxiety attack. Where have all the adults gone? Well, they’ve hidden themselves away in their blanket fort and they’re all busy coloring.

That’s never a good sign, is it? When your adults are coloring away and muttering to themselves?