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The Lord works in mysterious ways, yes? God is good, indeed. I hope we can at least agree on that one thing.

Iran Frees Pastor Saeed Abedini after Three Years in Prison

I pray that it is true, that this information is accurate, and that Pastor Saeed Abedini is brought home safely and reunited with his family. I pray that the family is bathed in His grace, mercy, forgiveness and healing, during what could be challenging days ahead, simply because prison changes people, trauma creates wounding.  What was once normal may no longer feel so normal to them. This family will need our continued prayers, and our support, not our condemnation.

For those who may wonder what in this world this has to do with Dalrock, well, he did a series of rather harsh and judgmental posts about Naghmeh Saeed.

Naghmeh warns Christians not to be seduced by the desire for attention.

A fresh start for Naghmeh

The erasure of Pastor Saeed occurred sooner than I thought.

Trading places.

Dalrock, as kindly and gently as possible, but have you ever met my friends, Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar? For months while Naghmeh worked tirelessly to get her husband released, you cast negative aspirations on her character and lead your readers into believing she was going to have an affair, about to steal the pastor’s limelight, attention seeking, about to betray him, etc etc. Gossip Dalrock, pure speculation and gossip.

She’s a sister in Christ, Dalrock, as I am, and we all  need your encouragement, your support, your love, not your fear, not your condemnation, and not your gossip. Weaker vessels, right? Weaker vessels already facing more than one human being can handle, should not be pointlessly kicked about for your own gratification.

Your love in Christ has the power to change everything. Your condemnation, not so much.