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basic-instinctThis social narrative that suggests all women are good and golden while all men are potentially evil, annoys the heck out of me. There are huge and disastrous social and cultural implications here, but those are all pretty boring.

The real problem is that these false stereotypes totally mess with my Fatal Attraction fantasies. I mean seriously, how can one possibly be a proper she-villain under these conditions? I have female arch-types people, villainous women to idolize and emulate. How can I ever be a proper stalker and prowl around in the rose bushes, if we’re going to constantly deny the potential evil nature of women?

This comes up constantly. Some poor woman will be all dressed up in her cat suit fataland heels, ready to go villainize the city, and some moron shows up to inform everybody that all that women are chronic victims of well, just about everything.

I got it, I really do, rape, domestic violence, street harassment, mansplaining, manspreading, micro-aggression, gendered language, employers refusing to provide birth control, the list of potential offenses is huge. Also, completely irrelevant. I’m trying desperately to cultivate a proper evil persona here. Talk about disempowering me.

mudNot to be impolite here, but there is a slight possibility that some of the evils that befall women may in fact not be caused exclusively by men or the patriarchy. I know! That’s crazy-talk, but once in a blue moon, women actually participate in our own problems. Heck, sometimes we even go out and deliberately cause some, which is the whole point of this post! How can we possibly be either sweet gentle spirits or villainous she devils if we’re going to be constantly pigeon holed into chronic victim status?

crazyToday on the internet, I counted. 39 people completely shattered my hopes of ever becoming a super villain. Two informed me I’d been sexually abused, 3 said the very fact that I am a married means I am oppressed, 9 said I was victimized by the indoctrination of my faith, and one said, “stop cyber stalking me, I hate you!” God bless the last one, at least she sees my potential.

I partially jest, but in all truth, what the heck are we doing to ourselves? I’m all grown up, these messages can’t get into my brain and if they do I’ll promptly forget where I put them anyway, but young girls are hearing this garbage day in and day out. You are a victim, men hate you, you are oppressed, you are powerless, you have no control, you cannot be held accountable for your choices…..