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I don’t believe in coincidences. Once or twice is fine, three times in a row and we got ourselves a sign. You know how we are in the world, but not of the world? I tend to always have one foot in the next world. I see God at work everywhere, even in the banality of things.

My father was a physicist and he taught me a lot about randomness and order, time,washing perception, the nature of reality. Take socks for instance, I have an entire garbage bag full of unmatched socks. How does that even work? How can you put 36 pairs of socks in a washing machine and come out with 18 and not a single one matches? What are the odds? More importantly, what does that tell us about the universe? What is God saying? I think he’s saying “I Am,” to a ditzy woman who can see God in a pile of unmatched socks. How awesome is that?

cosGodGod is in the synchronicity of life. He is one paradox and conundrum after another, but you can find Him in the chaos or what we perceive as chaos. Often things that appear random on the surface aren’t so random after all. There are patterns and reason in the madness of the world. It’s not always easy to understand or to see, but if you seek it, you will find it. There is a steadfast rhythm that is unmistakable. I call it God’s heartbeat.

God always keeps me guessing, I suppose that’s where the wonder comes in. Life is just one riddle and treasure hunt after another. God is a fascinating magician. His magicianslight of hand is so smooth, it just delights me. Sometimes I can see what’s coming and sometimes He surprises me, but always when I look backwards through time, I can see His handiwork. God exists outside of time, at the beginning and at the end. I however, often have to wait patiently to really see what He is up to. Sometimes He lets me peek.

People far more skilled than I am have tried to describe God for centuries. It’s not easy, language is so inadequate. Words, even when they’re flavored with music, math, art, are still not enough. God is a person, but there is this otherness to God that is so alien to our brains, that we just have nothing to relate it to. Those little neuronal connections just can’t quite go there.

God is both a magician and an artist. I am often bedazzled by the wonder of creation, by the artistry and the nature of the Artist. I delight in his slight of hand. This love story makes perfect sense to me. I am a girl, God’s first gift, driven by a need to question the very nature of creation and the Creator Himself. Honestly, it’s not even safe to leave us alone with a pile of unmatched socks…