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I say this all in good humor, but it’s the truth. If you want to know where all the hypocrites are on a Sunday morning, you’ll probably find us in church. It’s nearly God-is-Good-All-the-Timeimpossible for a non believer to be a hypocrite. How would an atheist express hypocrisy, by praying secretly in the closet? Having a clandestine relationship with Jesus? You have to have a standard before you can have a double standard. Having Christ as an example guarantees us the opportunity to fall short. Christians often believe and say one thing, and do another. We’re people, it’s in our nature.

Christians are also sinners. Unlike The World that gives you favor if you have the right credentials, following Christ actually requires sin as a pre-requisite. You don’t get all dressed up like you’re going to job interview and brag about your qualifications to Christ. He’s not impressed with who we think we are because he already knows who we really are. You can’t fake your way through that job interview.

humilityChristians often excel at self righteousness and fail miserably at humility. So does the rest of humanity. Humility is not an easy thing to master. The funny part is that once you think you’ve achieved it, you’ve gone and lost it. The beautiful thing about God however, is that he actively seeks the murderers, prostitutes, and tax collectors. Jesus didn’t come here to call the righteous, but the sinners. Those who believe they have all the answers don’t make good followers. Humility is another pre-requisite.

So, to all of those who have been wounded or betrayed by Christians, to all of those who have valid complaints about churches, to all of those have been subjected to moral superiority complexes…don’t take it out on God. God is not represented by one person, nor a collection of people in a church. God was not created in our image, but rather seeks to show us that we were created in His.