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So in response to a tweet by David French, Doug Wilson writes, “David French & the Vapors of Civic Virtue Escaping from a Mystery Box”

Here’s the deal, David French tweeted, “I am 100 percent certain that if Christianity Today reported that elements of CRT were taught at John MacArthur’s church, then lots of folks on this site would be MUCH more angry than they are at reports his church enabled the abuse of women and children.”

And he was absolutely right! People are far more uptight about CRT then they are about the actual injustice currently being experience by real people in our churches. Wilson even acknowledges that he himself feels that way! This truth always sticks in my craw, it’s a bit of gall in the back of my throat year after year. It keeps me set apart from the church at large, the church as institution, which is not a bad thing at all because really, who wants to live in an institution?

I am just saying, this is a huge pink elephant sitting right in the middle of our sanctuary and no one wants to address it. It is also contributing to a decline in church attendance and a complete loss of moral authority out in the world.

I should also point out that, “So what? There are gays and pedophiles dancing out in the street,” is a complete non answer. The truth is not suddenly irrelevant simply because you believe that those speaking the truth have less moral character than you do.

Wilson proceeds to inadvertently and unwittingly get to the root of the problem. That’s different, he says. “What you are teaching is out in public,” whereas enabling the abuse of women and children happens in private, if it is even real at all? After all, such things are only based on “reports” and all reports should just be buried in an endless bureaucracy of 20 questions until they are eventually forgotten entirely.

He goes on to imply it only matters if, “You say it behind pulpits and lecterns.”

And that right there is the entire problem with institutionalized Western religion. It’s all good as long as the outside of the cup is all shiny. Never mind that absolutely everybody in your congregation is so stagnant and lifeless they actually smell faintly of rancid pond water. Never mind that a good chunk of them are in grievous emotional pain. Never mind that sin abounds and healing is no where to be found.

Never mind that most churches refuse to admit that even to ourselves.

David French goes on to say, “And time and time again, I hear Christians say, “We need more Christians in power.” And I’m thinking, “Do we, though?”

Alas, I am often thinking the precise same thing! I should like very much to make a well reasoned argument for why it might be desirable to have more Christians in power, but then the truth and reality of people like Doug Wilson loom on my horizon and I know in my heart of hearts, nope, this would not be desirable at all.

Also, we can argue all day over what a Christian really IS, or even what the meaning of “IS,” really is, but technically most of our current clown world government is made up of alleged “Christians” already. The last thing I want is to have any more of them in power.

Now of course both Wilson and French will completely ignore me, as will most other sensible people. After all, if it isn’t being publicly said either, “behind pulpits and lecterns,” or in the New York Times, then it really doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t count. It’s not even a part of the conversation.

Many men often fall prey to this same false concept, to this inability to understand the invisible conversation running in the background, the undercurrents that tell the whole story. I don’t wish to step on any feelings here, but I do know multiple men blindsided by divorce who have no idea what went wrong. They genuinely did not see this coming. What makes that so interesting is that not one of my kind is surprised in the least. We all know why she left. We aren’t surprised she divorced you at all, we are surprised she waited another five years before doing so. You seem to have been the only one not listening to the invisible conversation going on for the past 20 years.

The same is true of nearly every single church I’ve ever attended. They never seem to have any idea, “what went wrong.” Worse yet, they are completely unwilling to even listen because nothing is ever wrong in the first place. Just ignore the giant smoking crater about to blow that anyone with a half a heart can feel and sense.

Now this is probably going to be hard on someone’s pride, but in truth what is said publicly and said from “behind pulpits and lecterns,” is almost completely irrelevant. It has about as much meat and bones as the mainstream media does. It has about as much substance as a man putting a dress on and calling himself a woman does. It is a brand, an Instagram account. Superficial fluff.

The Lord’s word may indeed be beautiful, but devoid of actual love it’s just a resounding gong, even from the pulpit and lectern.

Children are not raised by parenting manuals, they are mostly raised by what you don’t say, by what they see, by the invisible conversation running in the background. Culture wars are not won by writing policies or passing mandates, they are about winning hearts and minds. It simply doesn’t work to say, do as I say not as I do. People are going to imitate your behavior, including your tone deaf ways and hard heart.

Ironically, much like Pastor Wilson with his comment about how it only really matters if, “You say it behind pulpits and lectern,” this is also the heart of liberalism. Truth is malleable. Truth is what we say it is in our press releases. You will think and be and exist, as we say you will. You are nothing more then an easily programmed sea sponge, absorbing everything we tell you and refusing to ever believe what your lying eyes might be trying to refute. Don’t think, just obey.

Wilson gets us to the crux of the matter, “But the conservative Christian world at large has done a decent job in continuing to maintain that all such behavior is bad, and evil, and wrong, and iniquitous.”

No. No they have not! “Conservatives” are quite fabulous at telling everyone what they are against, what is bad and evil and wrong, while sweeping all evidence of such things under the rug and driving them into the closet where it always begins to ferment and stink. Out of sight, out of mind. Not my problem. Sucks to be you. We don’t have a drug problem in this country, we don’t have poverty problem, we don’t abuse children. Everything is just fine.

That inability to pay attention to the invisible conversation running full bore and forcefully shaping the culture today is partially responsible for why we now currently find ourselves living in clown world.

One last lament, once last complaint. I have little use for Wilson to begin with, but what an annoying little bit of suck uppery this was, “Now I would have some things to say to those who went into the Capitol that day. First, I do believe that their resistance on J6 was not in accordance with the Word of God.”

He really is about as useless as antlers on a rabbit.