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First of all, is that a crass slogan no decent Christian should ever chant? Perhaps, it’s possible, you need to go ask the Lord about that. He has double standards, triple standards, and individual standards tailor made just for you. Some people can drink, some are alcoholics and should abstain. Some people can use four letter words out in the garage…. and some people are going to have to give them up because it too accurately reflects the condition of their heart.

I’m good with God’s double standards in these kinds of areas. It’s a matter of spiritual maturity, position, and placement. Your sister can go out and dates and you can’t and that’s totally fair….. because you’re six years old. Suck it up, buttercup.

What I’m not good with is that kind of snooty, self righteous, religious spirit, the one that is quick to wag it’s finger at things it doesn’t understand. Was it crass to lock us down for two years? Was it crass for so many churches and pastors to abandon their flocks? Was it crass to sit back and watch suicide and drug overdoses increase? People lose their jobs and businesses? Was it crass to watch families separate and divide?

There has been so much “crass and vulgar” with nary a whimper from the church, but now that the peasants have started chanting their resentments, it’s time for a sternly worded letter?

This is a huge problem within Western Christianity, one I am completely incompatible with. We always want to polish up the outside of the cup while completely ignoring the innards.

I also do not just “love everybody.” Should I? Perhaps, but I remain convinced that to do so would be immoral. I simply do not love pedophiles as much as I love the innocent children they exploited and abused. I think I’m called to choose sides in these situations! Another huge issue for me, hate the sin, love the sinner. Or if you prefer, “good people just do bad things sometimes, but that’s not who they are.”

My mother actually used to say that, still does. She would say, “there is no such thing as bad people just good people who do bad things.” Of course, I somehow always manage to find myself outside the bounds of all this unconditional grace. Those words encounter me and they just start doing cartwheels. Suddenly it is, So? Just because you do good things, that doesn’t make you a good person.

Brilliant. I somehow always manage to bend the philosophical space-time continuum and not in my favor. The thing is, unconditional grace for the bad guys makes us feel all morally superior and virtuous. Extending grace towards someone like me just makes us all feel vaguely uncomfortable and a bit nervous.

So, “let’s go Brandon” is actually the most encouraging thing I’ve heard recently. I’m rather fond of it. It has a humorous history, it is not not vulgar, and it expresses the sentiments and will of the people, the populists of this country.

More importantly however, those who have decided to wag fingers have taken it upon themselves to claim authority for my soul and ain’t nobody got authority over my soul but Jesus. My Holy Spirit sure ain’t broken. I certainly don’t need someone to tell me what God approves of and disapproves of, because I got my own 24 hour wi/fi signal going on. It’s a matter of respect. Is Christ within me? Then act as if He is. I surely don’t need a human interpreter telling me what God Himself thinks of, “Let’s go Brandon.”

I’m telling ya, I’m perfectly content out in the wilderness eating locust and honey. Alone. If it was good enough for John the Baptist, it is good enough for me.

Let’s Go Brandon.