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Why Critical Theory is not compatible with Christ” This is from Mel Wild, and just an awesome article that really helps to explain and clarify the nature of the problem in a way that is easy to understand.

It’s ALL good, you should go read it yourself. As for me, I’ll just spotlight one part that has given me so much struggle personally,  As believers, our priority must always be Christ over culture.  And while our battle is not against people, but against principalities and spiritual powers, it’s also against arguments and pretensions that blind the minds of people to the freedom that Christ offers all people.”

Something that blinds our minds to the freedom Christ offers us is a victim mentality, this idea that we are oppressed and powerless, persecuted and trapped, and that the nature of our problems stem exclusively from external sources, be it racism, sexism, or things like dysfunctional parents and poverty.

That mindset can be so incredibly damaging because every time we blame something outside of ourselves, something external, we basically hand all our power away. We are who Jesus Christ says we are, not who the culture says we are, so even if some of these challenges we face are true, we are not defined by our circumstances nor by the labels we think we have been assigned.

Love is sacrificial and looks to the well being of someone else, what is actually in their best interests. Often what people really need is not your pity, not your validation, but you to remind them of how much power (and moral responsibility) they have living within them.