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God is omni, as in omnipotent, omnipresent, all powerful and everywhere. Laughing here,  but I know this because I set out about ten years ago to test exactly that, somewhat inadvertently, unintentionally.

I didn’t understand it at the time, but I wanted to know, is God online?


Ha! Some people are probably running to delete some tweets right now….

But I mean, can the Holy Spirit move on line? Is there some kind of mysterious physical exchange of energy that can only happen in person? Now I probably already knew the answer to these questions intellectually, but I guess I needed to know them emotionally and spiritually.

That would be a resounding yes! Yes, God is on the internet and the Holy Spirit can move here. Nope, distance makes no difference. His light, His sparkle, His energy can be felt and experienced all across the intertoobz. We don’t even have to touch to feel Him!

I’m absolutely serious. If I were more organized I would present you with hundreds of testimonies and things I’ve born witness too. It’s the truth. Maybe another time.

This is probably controversial with some older folks, ha, like my hubby. (I love to call him an “older folk.”) He’s actually a Luddite, an anti-techie. I empathize with those who don’t understand and I would go so far as to say, it is much nicer to be with people in a literal sense and lay hands on them, hug them, be with them. However, that is no obstacle for God!

Zip. Zilch, Zero. Doesn’t handicap Him at all. He is all over the internet.

So Tony Spell, Louisiana Pastor recently arrested for holding church said, “I cannot baptize people in a livestream. I can not lay hands on people in a livestream. I cannot pray for people in a livestream, and this is our biblical command – to lay hands on the sick and when they recover baptize them by immersion in water, which we do every day,”

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I totally dispute that! You actually can. Yeah, its crazy, out of our comfort zone, and unfamiliar territory for many of us, but yes you can! Jesus even healed people from far away. Go check it out, it’s in the Bible. People have even been healed through their TV sets. I have been praying for people on line for years and it has been just amazing. I once took communion with a bunch of people on line. I’ve had some real adventures with the Spirit of the Lord, all while online.

So, I just ask people to have an open mind. And for goodness sake, dump your cookies and clear your browser history, God is here and He can see everything!

Just kidding. Well….. actually I’m not kidding at all.