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crazy-memeFine! Everything is just peachy. 🙂

Or not! I mean, I do live smack dab in the middle of the 9th curcuit of hell. My biggest problem is that I would very much like to tell you precisely how I am doing, but you either wouldn’t believe me or you really don’t want to know.

My favorites are, “So how’s the hubby? How are the kids?” Oh, they are just finer than frogs hair! And if they weren’t you’d be the last person I’d ever confide in you viperous, cannibalistic, backstabbing, self righteous,  ignoramous…….but I digress. My bad, I just got side tracked for a moment.

I’ve had a couple of conversations I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever have, like where you have to say ever so gently, “So, satan is the bad guy.  It is not okay to practice witchcraft and call down curses against your political enemies.” This is kind of like Christianity 101, people. We tend to frown on the dark arts. Long story, there’s a whole Book about it, but just trust me here. Stay away from the darkness.

And no, it doesn’t matter if half your local government and a third of your neighbors try to say different, I’m still the one who is right about this.

I left this enlightening conversation for church Sunday because that’s how I roll, only to pass these religious protesters. Love those freshly washed faces, all selling fire insurance at the top of their lungs first thing in the morning. Consider who they were protesting against, too. Those satanists? Meth house? The people in favor of pedophilia? The city council? Mormons? Laughing here, leave the Mormons in peace, I’m just saying, if you have a complaint in this neck of the woods, the field is ripe and heavy laden with low hanging fruit.

Nope. They are the brethren who protest the brethren. The accusers of the brethren, which in case anyone wondered, is not actually a spiritual gift. Sorry.

Those words were still fresh in my ears, “we tend to frown on the dark arts,” when I suddenly realized, I can’t tell the difference! Seriously, talk about having a discernment crisis. Who is worst, the actively practicing Satanist or the religionists screaming on the street corner about how all their brothers and sisters are deceived and going to hell?

I don’t know. Sometimes I honestly don’t know. They both seem to be working for the same guy.

That’s the easy part of my life, the part I am still able to laugh about. The rest is just soul rot, just bearing witness to a lot of sadness, a lot of addiction, a lot of heartbreak.


Photo by Mike on Pexels.com