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So hubby is recovering somewhat and actually made it to church on Sunday which was a blessing indeed. The poor guy, I don’t wish to reveal any deep secrets here, but he did promise that if he actually lived, he would come to church with me more often. So he totally won that bet…..

It’s really fortunate that I usually work in the afternoon and evenings, because hubby and I can spend much of the day together. Of course, trying to find something to do around here when you can’t really “do” much is challenging. We’ve taken some lovely drives and it is just beautiful here, spring time with snow on the mountains and blue water.

We’ve spent a lot of time sitting at the beach and watching the ships go by and there’s been this little bird that must have a nest nearby, because it has just been a-squawking when we get too close. This morning it got all puffed up with red feathers showing and tried to charge  us. Very funny! It was this angry feather ball of fluff and fury. I’d tell you what kind of a bird it is, but I haven’t got a clue. All I know is that it has totally herded us away from whatever it is hiding and we now have to creep around and try to avoid it.

The eagles are pretty awesome too and we have hundreds of them. They actually intimidate me when they get too close. I’ve watched them make seagull nuggets right over my head and that is close enough for me.

I don’t have a whole lot to report at the moment. It’s probably a dreadful thing to say, but I am so grateful that hubby has been forced to slow down, that we now have the time together to just relax, to do nothing but hang out and visit and talk. He really hasn’t had hot chocolate in years, not the kind you can just sit with and watch the birds fly by.

Me, I’m just loving the Lord’s  synchronicity and perfect planning. Mother’s Day is not really my thing, my least favorite holiday and one I often have to work twice as much on anyway. So our church just suddenly decided to postpone their celebration, to delay a week. Loved that! Now we can all come together after the rush has passed, after the work schedules and family pressure is over. How perfect.  The Lord just has such a magical way of making His presence known, of working out the tiniest details.

bird perched on person s hand

Photo by Nicolas Savignat on Pexels.com