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Sex is a big deal. It is, and how we conduct ourselves is rather important to God, I would say.  I think the bible makes that quite clear. One of the big problems I see in the modern world is this complete inversion of that truth, so we are deluded into believing sex is not a big deal. Nothing spiritual going on there, nothing about relationship and connection, intimacy just being this psychological term, love nothing more than the correct chemical concoction, and people, including ourselves, nothing more than flat two-dimensional porn objects. Dehumanized objects, hook up culture, prostitutes, players, even the language we use removing the humanity, the sacredness of who and what we are as people created in His image.

Sex is a big deal because we are a big deal to God, and God cares about us, about every aspect of  lives, including our sexuality. One cannot separate our sexuality from our faith because we are whole people, and faith is to be a part of our whole lives, meaning everywhere and everything that impacts us. Sex impacts us.

So, I suppose I should feel some sense of gratitude that Dalrock has apparently now woken from his long nap, remembered he was a Christian, and thought perhaps he better address some of the sexual perversion the men who visit him have spent years on his site actually using scripture to justify. Things like adultery, polygamy, rape, domestic violence,  pick up artistry, promiscuity, pornography.

That sense of gratitude eludes me at the moment, on account of the fact that this is simply  too little too late, but I do take note of the fact that an attempt was at least made in this post, “Is marriage the cause of sexual immorality?”

It seems as if Dalrock may have some standards after all, or at least some moment of conscience where it occurs to him that “Christian” men forever attacking the institution of marriage, completely dehumanizing women, and declaring marriage to be the cause of all sexual immorality in the world…… just might be a line too far to cross.

One thing that makes me sad, there is often so much sexual wounding within churchianity, so you wind up with these two extremes that just feed off of one another, endless shame and repression versus deep perversion and dysfunction. It is either “all sex is the very epitome of sin itself” or “forget that, sex has no meaning at all so anything goes.” And I do mean anything. Extra credit points if you can find a biblical justification for your selected perversion of choice.

Personally I would like to slay both of those sacred cows, disengage them from one another, and cast them into the sea. Shame based legalism around sexuality always gives rise to repressed perversion, which often manifests itself in self loathing, which than gets shared by all. We can call it the collectivism of human sexual sin. It’s like the “gift” that just goes on giving.

What’s always so maddening to me, you just have to pull one cog out of that unholy alliance and the whole mechanism falls apart. There is only one gospel, the gospel of grace. There is no gospel of shame, no red pill gospel, not other gospel at all that has the power to heal us, to fix our brokenness.  Not for men, not for women, and not for the culture at large.

What Dalrock’s dalrockians need more than anything else in the world is the simple Gospel of Grace. They got religion and they got perversion too, but they sure don’t have our Lord and Savior, and they don’t have His grace.

That’s on you Dalrock, get with the program.