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Goodbye AskTheBigot, Hello Them Before Us

“Children are not items to be cut and pasted into just any romantic adult arrangement. Rather, children are vulnerable individuals who deserve to have their inherent rights to their mother and father respected and protected by the only people in society powerful enough to do so – adults.”

Katy Faust for those who don’t know, is a tireless advocate for children, one who has “argued for traditional marriage on behalf of a child’s right to be known and loved by both their mother and father.”

We often don’t hear a whole lot from kids who grow up in families with same sex parents, but those voices should be heard, too. There are changes going on in the world as we know it, absent fathers, single parents, same sex relationships, and we need to be listening, to be paying attention. I too grew up separated from my own father, within this cultural cognitive dissonance that says father’s don’t matter. They do matter.

So a new project, new website, for Katy http://thembeforeus.com. Check it out, she’s awesome.