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It is very challenging for me to try to articulate the culture war playing out on the internet and how that all impacts, faith, politics, and our country. I’ve written about the red pills and their hatred of women, some of the perversion and inversion of scripture,and white supremacy. What I have not written about as much is their hatred of  the church, hatred of faith, hatred of Christians ourselves. Hatred.

That’s a really difficult concept to explain because these are Christians or at least people claiming Christ’s name. Wolves right in the midst of “the church” as a whole who seek to tear it down, who make no bones about that, who flat-out declare the Bride of Christ to be the enemy.

That is another reason I was pleased with the SBC for tackling the difficult issue of the Alt-Right, but really racism is only the tip of the iceberg, the tiny part that is peeking out of the water. Dive beneath the surface and you have some downright satanic stuff going on, this huge iceberg that is somewhat invisible to those who just give it a passing glance.

I will let Vox Day explain it, his dark little ‘enfant terrible far better at speaking the truth of its own nature than I am.

“We don’t hate conservative Christians, we simply reject them as potential allies because they are useless failures inclined to do more harm than good to the nations. Their Christianity is cucked, and therefore dying;……Their conservatism hasn’t even conserved the tradition of using the toilet. And their globalism makes them anti-American, anti-Western, and therefore our enemy.” link here

Now, why do you dehumanize an entire group of people and name them as the enemy? Because that is how you justify violence against them, that is how you rational-lies your war against them. That is how you inspire people to perceive “the church” as the enemy that must be taken down.

A huge part of their agenda, whether it simply be the ramblings of mad men or not, is to over throw the church and rebuild Western civilization in their own image. They are not just at war with our culture, or with women, or with minorities, they are at war with the church itself. Take those words to heart when VD says,  “and therefore our enemy.”

He means that.

So many people are deceived, seduced perhaps by politics, what has become a tangled mess of fish lines that lends itself well to ears so easily tickled. So many pastors, pastors I really like and respect, won’t listen to me. They are all like “ra ra Alt Right,” with little or no awareness that what they are actually defending are people who have declared themselves to be enemies of the church, who wish to destabilize Western civilization and dismantle the Bride of Christ. That IS their stated goal and it grieves me no end to see people so duped.

Now shoot, “Alt-Right” is just a label and in the blink of an eye even I can become “Alt-Right.” In fact, one silly girl already has me on her “Alt Right” list. Just the same, that is not the issue at all. The issue is that as Christians we either stand for something or we fall for anything. A shepherd who cannot spot a wolf actually wearing a wolf hat and calling itself a wolf, isn’t a shepherd at all.

For crying out loud, Gentlemen-whom-I-shall-not-name, VD calls Anders Breivik who executed 70 kids in cold blood, a war hero. That’s called a major red flag. He speaks of glorifying God with his hatred and unforgiveness. He lies. His is an advocate of violence. He inverts scripture. He sows chaos. He is without excuse.

You who follow him are without excuse, too.