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Truth is stranger than fiction they say and I suspect that is true. These days I read the news and think, I could not have imagined that if I tried.

Reality Winner is the young gal working for the NSA, recently arrested for leaking a document to the media. Can anybody tell me why I am cleaning toilets while the young-uns are working for the NSA? Than again, I’m not entirely sure I could respect myself in the morning, so perhaps my career as a spy is not such a good idea. But I digress…

Let’s just start with her name, Reality Winner. That name alone pretty much sums up all that ails us. Reality is not something you “win.” That has become the very nature of the beast. Today people seem to believe truth is like a game of capture the flag. Social media, politics, fake news, reality is now whatever we want it to be. You “win” reality by whacking people over the head until they just comply with the mutually agreed upon delusion of the day. It’s like mass hysteria or something.

I don’t mean to pick on 25 year olds, or perhaps I do, it is just that they are often very young, inexperienced, having come up within this post-modern culture where authority doesn’t even exist and truth is totally subjective.

Going up the chain of command with your complaints today is not even understood. That’s an old-fashioned, quaint idea. The chain of command is now, contact the media first, notify your desired political party, launch a protest, break some stuff, and perhaps get yourself arrested. The only authority people seem aware of is the alleged authority of public outrage.

Anyway, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but this gal is alleged to have simply printed off a document and sent it to the media, a paper indicating Russians had been trying to hack voting machines. Like, duh? Does anyone not know that foreign entities are always trying to one up each other, engage in espionage, ย steal and manipulate data? I mean, Reality Winner works for the NSA, for crying out loud. Surely someone told her why we might need National Security Agency?

I’m a nobody. 15 years ago, back when this gal was like 10 years old, I realized hackers were going after our voting machine software and the Russians, Chinese, etc, were all going to try to get in on the deal. Diebold delivers, right?ย Where has this child been?? This is not breaking news.

Anyway, she’s promptly arrested about an hour after the article is published, cluelessly coming from yoga class or bringing in some groceries or some such thing. I don’t know what bothers me more, the fact that she took it upon herself to leak a classified document or that she seems to have had no awareness that there might be repercussions coming her way.

I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she said something to the effect of, There are all these men surrounding me, so many men, and they all have guns. Said with some indignation and surprise, as if she had no idea such things even existed in the world and she is now being victimized by this “new” thing.ย Keep in mind this gal is alleged to be a veteran and she now works for the NSA. Maybe they should have trained her by making her watch Men in Black movies? Apparently she didn’t get the memo. Not sure about the aliens, but the Men in Black are real enough.

To make matters worse, she is alleged to have said she is scared they are going to make her disappear. While I am quite sure that happens sometimes, it is not the norm in America. It is not standard operating procedure. We don’t have a “disappear protocol.” Also, you have to actually be a threat to someone, pose a danger. Being a danger to your own self just doesn’t count.

Which brings up another point. If you believe we’re living in a fascist country, so full of corruption, so eager to disappear people, why are you working for them in the first place? Wut, it’s okay to spy on, persecute, and perhaps “disappear,” your fellow Americans…as long as their politics are different from yours? As long as they’re on the wrong team? It’s okay to break laws, violate rights, release classified data, disappear people even, when those you disagree with refuse to comply with your particular version of what it means to be a Reality Winner?

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