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A dear friend sent me a link to Walt’s Story and although I think it’s sure to offend some, it is also a tale of healing and transformation, of the power and joy of Jesus Christ, and of the compassion and love of some of His people.

This is an issue never far from my heart, the broken, yes, but the issue is actually the exploitation of the broken, by people who have agendas, people who are supposed to be in the business of healing. When you are in the business of healing, what is in the best interests of the patient or client must always take precedent. That’s simply non negotiable in my mind.

Sadly, I’ve seen a lot of harm done by those who do have an agenda, by therapists and doctors and people who just cannot set aside their own personal campaigns. I have seen sexual abuse victims flat-out exploited, their healing prevented because their perpetual wounding serves a public agenda. I have seen kids pressured to disclose abuse where there really was none. I have also seen marriage counselors pushing for divorce in cases where divorce is not really what the people are even wanting.

These things still push my buttons, they make me angry, and it’s that agenda I always spot first. It’s a left over trait from childhood, what is your game and what are you up to. To say I grew up with trust issues is an almost comical understatement. If you have an agenda, I’m sure to spot it, but many broken people don’t have that ability, they are more likely to trust in those who know how to tickle their ears. Grooming.

Recently I was upset about the sexual abuse scandal the Seattle Mayor is facing. Upset the most because this has been going on for decades and some boys who reported it way back when hit that agenda wall, face first. Those who should have protected them did not. The Seattle Mayor is a gay man, therefore he serves an agenda, an impervious one that simply will not allow anything to taint the public relations campaign, to threaten the LGBT and the feminist agenda.

Not even the health and well-being of young boys.

I wish these stories were rare, I wish these things didn’t happen, but they are so common. People often want to talk about sexual abuse within the church, about the Catholic church scandal, and I so often want speak of the horrors of the secular world, of the predators and prey to be found there, of the agendas at work, of the people who profit and the politics at play.

I am hopeful that someday we are going to see the dam break, that it will become safe to speak of the relationship between child sexual abuse and transgenderism, homosexuality, depression, suicide, promiscuity, and other assorted issues. As it stands now, we aren’t allowed to even say that and in that silence we do real harm to real people.

Well, I’m saying it.