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Matt has a charming post up called, The Power of Understanding. He speaks of communication and how someone being colorblind is going to perceive things differently from someone who is not. He says in part that it’s a bit like, “Two sane people arguing about how something right in front of them looks totally different than what the other is describing, and both thinking the other must be crazy or intentionally trying to upset them.”

It’s a great analogy, in love, life, relationships, even in politics, being open to the possibility that someone is perceiving things differently from you, has a different set of experiences, has a different kind of wisdom,  can be really helpful. It’s interesting that we are so prone to assign evil intention, bad motivation, to the things people say and do.

With all good humor here, that has really become the fruit of so many of our life-conversations. “You’re crazy, you’re a moron, you’re wrong, you’re living in alternate reality.” I’ve now heard those things for so long, I’ve accepted they’re just a given and so named myself insanitybytes.  Gotcha, at some point or another, I’m just going to be labeled crazy.

Here is where things begin to get a bit complicated, however. Not all views are valid, not all perceptions are true, not all ideas are equal. Not to pick on the colorblind here, but if they are not perceiving colors, that does not mean we should declare the color does not exist and the nature of the thing we are observing has somehow now changed. Not all perceptions are equal.

The perceptions we have also have a great deal to do with the roles we are in, where we are walking in the world. I love to go look at clouds and see the shapes, the stories written there. Works great as a wife and mom, but not so well in the work world, as in you need a little bit more concrete beneath your perceptions. (Unless you’re a writer or a cartoonist or something.)