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I thought this was really cute and full of great ideas for romancing an unromantic hubby.

It’s from The Romantic Vineyard and called “20 Practical Romantic Resolutions For The Unromantic Husband” Click to read, you will be blessed.

One thing that really helped at our house was simply softening my words, speaking kindly, and sometimes laying the praise on pretty thick. We get in a rush sometimes, our lives are busy, and most of our words used to be short, clipped tones of efficiency. Today I try to say things much more suggestive and probably a bit corny. “I love watching you take toast out of the toaster.”

I didn’t really intend to spark some romance a few years back, but I took a challenge where you post one nice sentence about your hubby on facebook everyday. Hubby does not do facebook, so I didn’t think anything of it. But someone’s girl friend saw it, told someone else, and soon the guys at work  found out, so hubby got teased about it.

Hubby’s pretty romantic. One of his favorite things to do is call me on his cellphone….from the kitchen or the bathroom. Drives me nuts, I have to walk all the way through the house to answer the phone. Honestly!  But his, “Hi honey, just wondering how you were doing,” is only half prank and part genuine interest.