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A dear friend sent me a video of Leonard Ravenhill and I have been busy stalking him for a few days now. My heart’s on fire. What a precious man of faith! He so speaks to me. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface and yet I could write volumes already. The man is just a treasure trove of wisdom and encouragement. He is also quite quote worthy.

Today I just want to take one little quote and elaborate for a moment because I just love it. He says, “One of these days some simple soul will pick up the book of God, read it, and believe it. Then the rest of us will be embarrassed.”
― Leonard Ravenhill

Yes, amen! As I often try to say, “just read the instruction manual, it explains everything.”

We don’t read the instruction manual, and when we do those words often become flat, two dimensional, lacking heart and soul, lacking love. Not all of us, but so, so many. I’m a Christian, I just don’t believe in the bible, I just don’t believe in prayer, I just don’t go to church,  or my personal favorite, I just don’t really believe in the need for grace. Beware the grace-less ones, they can get scary.

I am properly embarrased. I am embarassed by the fact that we, as the church, so often miss the basic things of faith, the beauty of God in the banal things, the simple truth of who we are and Who we belong to and why. That simple, child-like faith, what a powerful thing.

I’ve read some articles and spoken to some bloggers about how the church allegedly owes people an explaination, mostly as a lamentation over politics. There is some controversy over people attacking “the church,” when the church, meaning each one of us in the body of Christ, is actually one of the bright spots in this world, in people’s lives. You don’t attack what’s working to try to fix what’s not. I agree with that, I am on the same page there.

Just the same, deep within my soul, I am properly embarassed, as Leonard Ravenhill would say, I feel the weight of how far we have strayed and I am reminded that the book of Revelation doesn’t jump in to judge non believers and assorted sinners, The Word speaks directly to the 7 churches.  The lukewarm church, the church idolotry, the poverty, the church that has lost it’s first love…

These are all real things in our world right now and perhaps they have been with us always, but they press on me and have for a few years now. I am not attacking the church, I am lamenting because we could do so much better, we were designed to do so, so much better. We are not attending a wedding here, we are not called to sit politely and admire the bride, we are called to actually be the bride. Faith and church is not a spectator sport, we are not cultural Christians simply invited to attend a wedding.…..with no oil in our lamps.